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The Professional Sports Person In the world of sport there are a lot of organisations that run behind the scenes to make sure that the sport we play and watch are played

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The Professional Sports Person In the world of sport there are a lot of organisations that run behind the scenes to make sure that the sport we play and watch are played in the best of spirits and drug clean. This means that the governing body in charge of all the rules and regulations are done to the finest detail in order for the respective sports to continue running without controversy e.g. offside rule. FIFA (The International Federation Football Association does a lot in the world of football) FIFA is responsible from things like the core of the game being the laws right down to the tiniest detail being the ball. FIFA has to be one of the most organised organizations because they are in charge of all the football that goes on around the world. It is spilt into 6 confederations these are CONCACAF, AFC, CAF, CONMEBOL, OFC and UEFA. These are for the six cotenants around the world. They are all part of one mother government but run individually under the same laws That FIFA have published. The laws of the game The laws that are published have to be both fair and applicable otherwise there will be mayhem because it would not work for example the offside rule ...read more.


Fans have a big influence in the behaviour of an Athlete. Cheers and groans affect the mood an Athlete can have for example when a football player scores a goal the crowd cheer him or her and makes them feel good. But on the other hand when a player scores an own goal his mood and the crowds mood can dip dramatically. The players he or she plays week in week out with can also determine the athlete's mood because there may be certain individuals who may be causing unrest in the team. Unrest in teams can have a major say in how a whole team can and will perform. If individuals are unhappy at a current situation a group member or members are in there is more than likely going to be a lot of gossip and chat about that situation which takes the concentration of the players away from either training or a big match Money is a key part of football today it is something all players and members of a team at a club demand. In a way it has destroyed the game because players are not only playing for the enjoyment most of the time it is for the money. ...read more.


Managers and players Managers and players can live in harmony most of the time but when it all goes wrong it could lead to the end of a player's career at a club. For example the Sir Alex Ferguson David Beckham saga in which Sir Alex Ferguson kicked a football boot into Beckhams's face. The consequences that lead after this event ultimately lead to Beckhams decision to leave. But on the other hand a manager can influence a player into joining a club such as Robbie Savage moving to Blackburn. His move was influenced by Mark Hughes because of his strong relationship when Hughes was the international manager of Wales. Strong links like these can lead to a player denying maybe a better team in order to play football somewhere else where they might enjoy playing football for the rest of there career under someone who has brought out the best in them. So in a way the bigger the bond in the relationship with the manager the more motivated the player will be and the more he will want to perform to his maximum peak all the time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jonathan Taylor Sandro Sandri The Professional Sports Person Merton College BLM 1st Diploma in Sport Year 1 ...read more.

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