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The sport I am going to be looking at is Rugby union, as this is a sport I have played for many years, and have an interest in the way the sport has changed.

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Task 4- Provision In this assignment the sport I am going to be looking at is Rugby union, as this is a sport I have played for many years, and have an interest in the way the sport has changed. Grassroots Development. Above are some of the logos of sponsors of youth rugby. Rugby Union is a sport that has been increasing in popularity over the years, but it has seen its biggest influx of players since the English International side were crowned world champions at the IRB World Cup 2003. The numbers have increased by 20% The National Governing Board (NGB) for Rugby Union in the UK is the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and the board for Rugby worldwide is the International Rugby Board (IRB). Rugby starts Mini's rugby which is for the under 11's, this can also be called touch or "Tag Rugby". For the details of mini's rugby see appendix. Rugby then has teams at year age groups from U12-U16, and then you have colts (17-19) these can also be played as individual age groups. After colts you have men's rugby this usually consists of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd team and the managers will select which you play for. ...read more.


Nike has been one of the largest sports clothing/equipment manufacturers for the past decade. Nike has been the manufacturers of the England kit over the past few years and has developed a very influential and beneficial relationship with English rugby and supply the England schools kit as well as the international squad. Nike have worked closely with the stars of the England team to develop the new look dri-fit design kit that they wore to the world cup. There are many other sponsors in rugby other major sponsors are; * Tetley's * Heineken * Lucozade * Gilbert * Zurich * Rhino * Cadburys * Powergen Tetley's bitter and Heineken larger, sponsor the two main cups that the top clubs compete for, the premier league that all the top clubs play for is sponsored by Zurich insurance company. Gilbert makes and provides the balls to the premier league and for international games, they also supply some of the lower leagues but most of the clubs have to supply the balls out of their own money. Lucozade make isotonic drinks, they supply the England squad with a never ending stock of drinks, and they also supply some of the league teams with drinks, Lucozade supply the team with the drinks because the public ...read more.


The governing board for wheelchair rugby in the UK is GBWRA. For other details please see the appendix. There are a very few sponsors of wheelchair rugby, which I think is disappointing as these people are a credit to English Rugby because they are trying to live their life to the max even though they are disabled. Some of them have done this by representing England at the Paralympics where they came third. Critical analysis/evaluation I am going to look at how much the men's game is promoted and supported compared to the female's game. The men's game is watched worldwide thanks to Sky TV who pays to do this, so they are promoting the sport and supporting them by giving them money. The men's game has over twenty sponsors that support them by supplying them with equipment. The women's game is very rarely shown on TV. They have some of the sponsor that supports the men's rugby but not all of them. I think this wrong because the female game is just as good as the men's game but is not as widely known about because it has less publicity, for example the Female Six Nations, England's female rugby team rarely on to TV as the male team have most of the coverage in their Six Nations. Michael Haines P.E Mr. Taylor Page 1 of 5 ...read more.

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