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The sports continuum

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Russell Smith 6/10/10 Sports Development The Development Continuum Sports development has evolved over the last 20 years and is an important part of today's sports industry. The effectiveness of sports development has a direct impact on many current issues in sport including the performance of athletes at major events, healthy living and developing key life skills. Sports development is about positive change through the use of initiatives. In order to create new effective initiatives we need to understand and evaluate previous initiatives. So I am going to examine three different initiatives, from three of the four sections in the sports continuum triangle; foundation, participation, performance, and excellence. ...read more.


Participation refers to sport undertaken primarily for fun, enjoyment, and often at performing at basic levels of competition. They get involved in sport for the sake of it. Performance signifies a move from basic competence into a more structured form of competitive sport at club or country level. Excellence is about reaching the top and applies to performers at the highest level. The theory of Development Continuum is "get more people involved in the F and P stages of the continuum, then you get more at the E level. ...read more.


For Performance County Selection Schemes is an initiative that operates at this level, for example Hampshire Cricket academy trials. Scouts operate around the country to select players for trials, from county level it is then possible for athletes to progress. This initiative is funded by the National Lottery, it is successful because it helps people to reach a higher level within there sport. Finally The World Class performance programme is the initiative for excellence; it is funded by the lottery and is administered in UK sport. It is used to support the UK's top athletes in the Olympics Games. It is very successful as many of the United Kingdoms athletes have been raised and trained by this initiative. ...read more.

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