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The Sports Industry

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Unit 3: The Sports Industry Assignment 1 I have being asked to help my new neighbours The Smiths, find suitable sporting facilities for each member of the family who all have very different interests. Also, I need to give them plenty of information on each facility, Locally and nationally. Mr Smith Mr. Smith is keen on Bowls. He wanted to know of the closest Bowling Greens available to him in and around Leicester. The ones I found were: Barwell Bowls Club Barwell bowls club is a six rink indoor bowling club, which is constantly making additions and improvements. "They are a 12 months of the year club" meaning they are open all year. They have luxurious lounge and restaurant facilities and they have excess of 850 playing members and a healthy social membership, so Mr. Smith will always find someone to meet up with. Also their regular door staff will welcome him and point him in the right direction. The club remains open all year and the only day they close is Christmas day. Their hours in the winter program are from 9.30am - 10.35pm split into 2hour 10minute sessions, and in the summer they close the area in the afternoon hours of 2.00pm -5.45pm. Hinckley Bowls Club (Hollycroft Bowls Club) The club is an Outdoor Lawn Bowls Club, which plays throughout the summer months only. The club is small and friendly with around 50 members playing against other clubs in the West Leicestershire Area on Thursdays and Saturday afternoons. We are affiliated to the Leicestershire Bowling Association and the Hinckley and District Triples league where the clubs represented by two teams. The green is owned n looked after by Hinckley and Bosworth council and is open throughout the day for members to play when no matches are arranged. Carlton Indoor Bowls Club The Carlton Indoor Bowls Club was formed in 1988 when the bowls hall that had being added onto the Enderby Leisure Centre was ready for use. ...read more.


If Ian wanted to get on to the England team eventually he would need to be scouted or he could go to an academy for example Loughborough University has them. Sponsorship Vodafone is the main sponsor of the England cricket team and it has being for nine years. Its logo can be seen everywhere from kits to the men and women's senior teams to the U19's, Loughborough University and their Kwik Cricket training program. This is the list of players on the England Cricket Team: Batsman Wicket Keepers All Rounders Fast Bowlers Spin Bowlers Ian Bell Geraint Jones Rikki Clarke James Anderson Ashley Giles Alastair Cook Chris Read Paul Collingwood Stuart Broad Monty Panesar Ed Joyce Jamie Dalrymple Steve Harmison Kevin Peterson Andrew Flintoff Matthew Hoggard Andrew Strauss Michael Yardy Simon Jones Marcus Trescothick Jon Lewis Michael Vaughan Sajid Mahmood Sarah Smith Aged 12 Sarah wants to join either a local dance club or gymnastics club I searched around and this is what I found: Gymnastics Hinckley Gymnastics Club The aim of Hinckley gymnastics club is to introduce children into the sport of gymnastics through the awards schemes of the British Gymnastics Association provided by the club using fun and enjoyable activities. They will be able to help with confidence, co-ordination, ball-skills, movement, balance, discipline and exercise. If Sarah wanted to join her age groups recreational class is on a Saturday from 9-10 at Clarendon Park in Hinckley. Sponsors Hinckley Gymnastics Club only has two sponsors they are: * Fiqas.nl * SalesAcheiver.Net National Gymnastics The British Amateur Gymnastics Association was formed in 1888 and became a limited company in 1982. The Association is the only recognized Governing Body for the sport of gymnastics within the UK. Under the overall description of gymnastics lie the individual disciplines and activities of: - Men's Artistic Gymnastics - Women's Artistic Gymnastics - Rhythmic Gymnastics - Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnastics - Acrobatic Gymnastics - Aerobic Gymnastics - General Gymnastics - Double Mini Tramp - GMPD British Gymnastics now has ...read more.


Spectating in sport simply means travelling to go see a particular sport of team play either professionally, for charity events or locally, e.g. if children are playing. Factors That Affect Participation in Sport There are lots of factors that affect or influence people's participation in sport, These are known as Barriers for Participation. Barriers for Participation Injury Injury is one of the main factors for stopping participation in sport. An example of an injury is A Broken Arm from playing Rugby. Disabilities Many things count as disabilities, things that stop people from acting or behaving the way they would usually for example, Loss of Limbs, Blind, and Trouble with Learning. Money Money can be a problem when wanting to take part in sport, some people have a lack of disposable income which stops them from being able to join in like everybody else. Gender Gender is important because girls have more "fragile" bodies than what men do as they have things like the womb, which can get damaged, if they choose to play an aggressive sport like Rugby. Ability So people don't lose their self-confidence they need to start playing at a sport that they can cope with or feel best at, with other people who are also at their level. Age Age can stop participation in sport for example having to retire like Piereluigi Collina the referee. Location If somebody wants to participate in a certain sport they need the facilities to be around their local area else it will put them of participating, as they wouldn't want to travel that far. Weather For any games that are taking part outside, the weather needs to be considered because anything from heavy rain the thunderstorms can be dangerous to players and spectators. Religion Certain religions can affect participation in sport for example, Muslim women can only go swimming if there are only women around. Fitness/Health Lack of fitness or illness can affect participation e.g. high blood pressure can get you more, tired more quickly. Btec First Diploma In Sport Kelsey Starkey 12GN 1 ...read more.

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