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There are ranges of regional and international Governing Bodies that manage the game of football, throughout the world and many different countries.

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Governing Bodies There are ranges of regional and international Governing Bodies that manage the game of football, throughout the world and many different countries. Governing Bodies keep the rules of the game in check and all conform to one set of international rules. This is why it is so important to have Governing Bodies FIFA FIFA is a world Governing Body that is committed by its Statutes not only to the positive promotion of football through development programmes, but also to supervising international competitions and to safeguarding the sport and its good image against abuse of its rules and regulations. And FIFA sees to it that the game is played to one unified set of rules, the Laws of the Game, all over the world. UEFA One of UEFA's responsibilities as a confederation of world football's governing body FIFA is to organise and stage European competitions for clubs and national teams. In total, 13 competitions are currently organised by UEFA, with nine for national representative teams and four for clubs. AFC The Asian Football Confederation was established in 1954 to promote and manage the development of professional football in the Asia-Pacific region. The Confederation is responsible for major Asian football events such as the Asian Cup for national teams, as well as the Asian Super Cup, the Club Championship and the Cup Winner's Cup for club teams throughout the region. CAF The African Football Confederation was founded in 1957 by Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan and South Africa, it now consists of all ...read more.


But that means everyone involved in football must take on the responsibility of looking after those children that want to play the game. Goal is about doing things the right way, doing things properly. It's about allowing children to enjoy the game without abuse of any kind. That means bullying, physical, emotional or sexual abuse and neglect. Setting Standards The Charter for Quality is The Football Association's programme to ensure and guarantee that the development of the country's best young footballers meets the highest possible standards. By building on the best traditions of this country and learning from techniques employed abroad, The FA has built a framework of excellence, which is being put into practice at clubs up and down the country. Doping In Football Allegations and evidence of doping over the past few years have rocked the football world. However, is there reluctance within the game to properly fight against the spread of banned substances use? An agreement over a new guideline that athletes found guilty of serious doping is subject to a mandatory two-year ban. However, FIFA argued there might be 'exceptional circumstances' and Blatter is committed "to define these exceptional circumstances in clearer terms." This points to a reluctance to come down too heavy on offenders. Perhaps this is not surprising when one considers the wider cultural context within which FIFA makes its policies. In some respects, public attitudes towards drug use appear curiously ambivalent for, though most people would strongly deprecate both the use of performance-enhancing drugs in ...read more.


An organisation can apply for funding up to a maximum of �1m and the percentage level of support is variable but will not exceed 90%. Ceiling grants will only be awarded in exceptional circumstances and to date the average grant awarded is 65%. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that all other sources of funding have been exhausted. There is a separate designated schools application pack (which covers key stages one to four) although colleges of higher education and universities should use the general application forms enclosed within the application pack. Examples of grass roots funding: * Changing room improvements * Pitch drainage * Artificial pitch installation * Floodlighting * Clubhouse development and refurbishment. The aims of the Community and Education funding are to: * Increase participation and volunteering in sport by people with disabilities, black and ethnic communities, people on a low income and women and girls * Create more inclusive communities who play sport together and encourage and support local teams at the grass roots * Encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles and to contribute to improving the well being and quality of life of people of all ages and abilities * Assist young people and particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds to increase their education attainments and raise personal aspirations * Ensure that young people participating in sport do so in a safe and secure environment * Share ideas, research and identify best practice from schemes to enable more people to participate in sport in the community. Examples of community projects are: * Community coaching schemes * Volunteer training programmes * Employment of development officers * Study support centres ...read more.

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