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They call it the beautiful game.

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Personal Essay Laura Skimins They call it the beautiful game. Some people may say that it is a matter of opinion, but I believe that it is the best game on earth. Many people have obsessions with things like shoes and clothes, even I do, but my biggest passion would have to be football. I am obsessed with it. It doesn't matter who is playing, I always have an interest in it, whether it would be my little brother's team to Real Madrid. Yet, this passion didn't develop until I was over my 'tomboy' phase. Which seems strange as many see me as being a girly girl now. When people say that women only watch football for the men, and don't understand the game, I would say that I am an exception to that rule. Yet, some of the men a quite good looking, for example Freddie Ljungberg and David Beckham. If I were to be asked to explain the off- side rule, I would have no problem telling you. My father has loved football for most of his life and his passion and knowledge of the game they call football, has been passed down to my two younger brother, Craig and Stewart and myself. As my dad, James, supports the blue half of the city, Rangers, you would have thought I would have followed suit. But, Stewart and myself support Celtic. My dad said that we only do this to annoy him, he may have a point, but we don't tell him this, we say that we support the better team - which he admits they are, specially this season. ...read more.


With their goalkeeper being most at fault as he fell as though someone had shot him. You could say that I am a sore loser but I wouldn't say that I am. I was really upset by the defeat, yet another hard luck story for the team. If I felt like that, you could only imagine how the players were feeling. Then my father came out with a statement that I never expected to hear from him. He said that Celtic should have won it. I wasn't sure if he was winding us up or not because he does this a lot. But, I believe that he was been honest. Even though we lost we still managed to have a party. I seems as though us Scots can party no matter the score line, I think it is because we are use to losing. The party continued into the wee small hours of the morning, which I don't think was a good thing as I had an exam the following morning. Celtic were involved in four cup competitions at the start of the season, and we had one last chance of winning a piece of silverware to show for the amazing season they had. It was the chance to win the league for a third time in a row, it all boiled down to the last game of the season, in which Celtic had to win and to score two more goals that Rangers could. ...read more.


There used to be one, Fulham Ladies, but they could no longer pay them professional's wages, so they went back to being a semi-professional team. But, there is a league in the U.S were there is many professional women's teams. The women's game is even bigger in American than the men's game. I may just try my chances over there. Yet, unfortunately the league was disbanded, as the football association over there could no longer give funding for the competition to continue. Hopefully that can all change and it could get up and running again soon. A couple of days ago the women's FA cup final was on the television, I was an enjoyable game to watch. One person how stood out was a Scottish player called Julie Fleeting, who plays for Arsenal Ladies. The day before she had just played in an international game against world champions Germany for the full 90 minutes. Fleeting then managed to score a hat trick to win the cup for Arsenal the next day. She is an inspiration, not only for women who play the sport but also to men as few of them could manage to play into tough games in less than 24 hours. Hopefully in the not to distant future, women's football could be shown more on television and that a professional league could be set up to encourage more young women to take up the sport. This could allow women to show the men how the game should be played here in the U.K, as we all know women are better than men. ...read more.

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