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This document will show the provision and facilities that are within my local area of Surrey, Also the facilities nationally. Firstly a quick brief description of the sport I have chosen.

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Michael fenton Local and National Provision. This document will show the provision and facilities that are within my local area of Surrey, Also the facilities nationally. Firstly a quick brief description of the sport I have chosen. Introduction Football can also be recognized as soccer and is in fact the most popular sport watched and played throughout the world today. Judging by the name football you can gather that the sport is played with the feet, but only the two goalkeepers on the field are an acceptation and can use any part of their body. This includes them able to use their hands, which an outfielder cannot use because of the size of the goal the keeper has to defend. The goalkeepers are strictly only allowed to use their hands within their penalty area. The basic equipment needed to play the game consists of a ball (preferably size 5), two goals, a location to play the game and for those who can afford and desire them, sports outfits consisting of shirts, shorts, stockings, shinpads and athletic shoes also known as football boots. Little League Football I live within the London borough of Sutton (surrey) in the town of Carshalton. This area has a variety of facilities to choose from in this sporting area and caters for all ages and needs. ...read more.


This vicinity is a good choice because if it's refreshing pool that you can use after your workout. It often has football competitions that take place in the summer holidays and school term breaks for kids that like to get involved in the sport. There are other places where you can rent out courts and the next nearest is called the `Power league'. It has about 12 5-a-side football courts that are charged at an hourly rate. If you have enough of your mates that enjoy football then you can start up your very own 5-a-side team which will then be placed in one of the leagues that run on the day in which your team are available. Evan though that the above centers charge you to use their facilities there are lots of parks with goal posts already set up for the public to use free of charge. These parks include Bedington Park, Tweeddale Park, St Heiler green and Poulters Park. St Heiler green and poulters park have recently built football courts that are caged and open to any person that wish to use it free of charge. There is a local Astroturf pitch on Angel hill road, which is used by lots of people and schools because of its excellent pitch conditions and facilities. ...read more.


Wembely is one of the most important due to the fact that our national side plays there. The stepladder of football goes up in stages and here is a flow diagram to show and explain the process: - Little league football (This is where young children often start their careers and get to grips with basic skills and rules). Schoolboy football (Begin to adapt their skills to a higher standard). Grassroots (Teenagers get the chance to play for a team that can progress through a series of leagues table in the Tandridge or Epsom and Ewell). Surrey FA (In charge of local clubs in the surrey area including women's, girls and disabled teams). FA and Nationwide (This owns the Premiership, division 1,2&3 and also the Vauxhall conference leagues). Uefa (This is the association of European clubs and competitions like the Uefa cup and the Champions league. Both of which are held every year). Fifa (This is the association of international clubs and competitions which includes the World Cup where it is held every four years at a selected country venue e.g. World cup 98 was held in France who actually went on to win the cup). Conclusion To conclude this Local and National Provision I would like to state that there is lots of facilities that you can use within you local area whether the fact that your a boy, girl or disabled its there for you to use and get involved in. ...read more.

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