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This essay is my project on the different types and effects of media throughout the World Cup 2002.

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Football Media Assignment Introduction This essay is my project on the different types and effects of media throughout the World Cup 2002. There are many different important factors that the media has but one of the main ones is that it can show us when all of the games are on and at what times. It also plays a big part in adding to the hype to all of the people who follow football; it gives all of the info about the games and the different statistics. In my opinion the newspapers are the biggest on promoting the world cup because they give all types of puns for each match. Every day they analyse the different matches and get in all of the gossip and facts on each team that they can. The newspapers can make predictions which some people can follow. You also get a variety of fold-outs such as flags for England and official photos, thus making much competition between the papers. Each paper wants to give away the best items and wants to display the World Cup in the most interesting way. The T.V also plays a big part in the media as its shows channels such as Sky Sports which keep you updated on all of your sporting needs and shows all the World Cup news and analysis for people who missed the match. ...read more.


I found one in the Music hut so I started watching. It was then 35 minutes into the game and I watched it to the 60th minute. I was already late for registration. England managed to scrape through with a draw. England v Denmark We had Denmark for lunch on Saturday. A 3-0 win over the Danes, which put England into the quarter-finals, and by this time people had hope in Sven and saw the magnificent team England going all the way. Brazil go the better of Belgium in a 2-0 win which meant we would face them next. This game was going to be the biggest test for the England side and from the results of the Denmark game this meant that a loss would knock England straight out of the World Cup. Saturday was the deadly game against Denmark and what brilliant timing; just positioned itself just in time for brunch at 12:30pm. During this time the streets were empty and people were either in a pub or in the comfort of their own homes, it seemed like the nation at been caught in a time warp and froze for 90 minutes. People were cheering and chanting in the pubs before the match was even underway and the adrenaline was flowing highly through everyone's bodies. The match finally kicked off and had a fast tempo with England misplacing passes and playing a long ball game. ...read more.


This gave England the chance to score in over 30 minutes and against 10 men. Brazil kept up the great play and it looked like England were the team with the man down. The whistle blew and England had lost 2-1 and were on their way home. Brazil were in the final 4. Conclusion The success of the Media coverage was good because all of the matches were done brilliantly. All of the coverage was great with the analysis and highlights. The studio presenters such as Gary Linekar were very witty and gave their different opinions and points of view. FIFA made a tremendous amount of money out of it but managed to mess up wit the ticket sales by not all of the stadiums were full. The commentators were quite interesting but droned on a bit and got quite boring. The newspapers had the best media with their puns and pullouts, gossip and detailed team talk. I think that the nation did try to bring the nation together in this event and succeeded. I think that people who didn't like football in the past now have a positive attitude towards it and were pleased with England's Performance. The state of the media will down as the final draws near because England aren't involved and it won't be as exciting. It has been a great World Cup while it has lasted and I am thoroughly pleased with England's Performance throughout the event. Alex Richards 10P ...read more.

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