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Throughout history mankind has developed many activities to rejuvenate from necessary work for survival and at times these activities even act as a utility to enhance mankind's process of evolution.

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Question 4 Throughout history mankind has developed many activities to rejuvenate from necessary work for survival and at times these activities even act as a utility to enhance mankind's process of evolution. Sport has been one mainstream activity in which people from every social class find suitable to express their physical fitness and mental well being. As well it provides an opportunity for participants to socialise and understand, respect, appreciate another culture. However in early times leisure activities such as sport represented gaps between the different gender, class, age and ethnicity, partly due to the fact that individual sporting activities were initially designed by a specific group and the design did not take into account of other groups. It was not until a further progress in human evolution do mankind realise the benefits and the increase in standards will a broader base of participants bring forth. This essay strives to demonstrate that as a sport becomes more and more popular over time, people from different cultural backgrounds begin to recognise and appreciate it and subsequently bridges the existing gaps between different ethnicities as they now have more common value. This essay shall examine the preceding background of various sports and provide information on the changing attitudes where these sports have become accepting to participants from different ethnical backgrounds, as well as identifying numerous athletes who had overcome the ethnical barriers previously imposed and acquired their deserved status. ...read more.


Being the first Aboriginal sprinter to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games 1994 is an outstanding achievement (Discovering Democracy, accessed 17 May 2003) and her carrying both the Australian flag and the Aboriginal flag around the track after winning that race is a definite sign of abolishing any previous barriers that existed that prevented participants from a different cultural background in obtaining what they deserve. Winning the Young Australian of the Year 1990 and Australian of the Year 1998 is an additional indication that Australia is now open minded about the ethnical difference in sports. Baseball is renowned to be the national sport of America. Evidence showed that it was difficult for people from different racial backgrounds to join in and play along as in the 1900s baseball was "...mostly played by American farm boys who were classified by their greatest barb, Ring Lardner, as barely literate" (Solomon, 1994, p.75). Clearly the difference in ethnicity did not aid the Jews in being accepted in America's native sport, and those with talents but from a subculture can only watch the games in agony. But the 1990s saw to the rise of players from other ethnic groups such as Japan and Korea and the club scouts of Major League Baseball (MLB) ...read more.


as well as "public vilification". It is laudable that in 21st century the majority of athletes are not judged by their ethnicity anymore, but rather by their abilities and skill. This is mainly due to the positive environment promoted by modern commercialisation. As the mass media such as SBS or cable television providers like FoxTel continuously present the aesthetic qualities of athletes from different nations, regardless of their racial background, their audiences begin to appreciate the capability of these athletes and henceforth put aside the cultural differences. Furthermore this will in turn encourage more participants from other sub-cultures and add more colour to the existing sporting scene. With the sporting society mostly rid of ethnical issues one can only hope that the other spheres of society will follow this lead and put an end to ethnical issues for the benefit of mankind. Reference Chicago Cubs Team, accessed 17 May 2003, http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/chc/team/chc_team_roster.jsp Craddock, 2 February 2003, the Sunday Telegraph Discovering democracy - Cathy Freeman Bio, accessed 17 May 2003, http://www.curriculum.edu.au/democracy/biographies/freeman.htm Gillmeister, 1998, Tennis: A Cultural History GolfEurope.com, accessed 17 May 2003, http://www.golfeurope.com/ Infoplease.com, accessed 17 May 2003, http://www.infoplease.com/spot/tigertime1.html Seattle Mariners Team, accessed 17 May 2003, http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/sea/team/sea_team_roster.jsp Solomon, 1994, Jews and Baseball: A Cultural Love Story, in Ethnicity and Sport in North American History and Culture, edited by Eisen and Wiggins Williamssisters.org, accessed 17 May 2003, http://venusandserena.homestead.com/index.html ...read more.

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