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To investigate the deviance in sport, particularly looking at simulation in professional football.

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To investigate the deviance in sport, particularly looking at simulation in professional football Introduction For my study I am conducting an investigation into the deviance in sport, particularly looking at the much-publicised increase 'diving' in professional league football. In my investigation I will be focusing on: 1. What is deviance in sport and simulation? 2. Is simulation ruining football? 3. Why has there been such an increase in 'diving' in football? 4. How the officials at FIFA, UEFA and FA are trying to reduce the amount of simulation in football. 5. Performance enhancing drugs and recent incidents involving the illegal substance nandrolone. I will obtain the data and information for my investigation from the following sources: 1. Internet - has a wealth of sports-related information available through a generalised search or via accessing information from sport-specific sites. The Internet will be my main source of information, where I will be able to obtain interviews with the head officials at FIFA and top professional managers and referees on their views of simulation. 2. Newspapers - are able to provide useful quotes, information and analysis about current issues of deviance. Again I will be able to obtain views and interviews of important managers, players and officials 3. Television and radio - I can see diving and simulation on televised games and I can hear what commentators have to say about simulation. 4. Letter & interview - I will write a letter and get an interview with a representative at Coventry City Football Club asking them a few questions about deviance and simulation. 5. Textbooks - I can gather generalised information about deviance in sport from numerous textbooks. Review of literature For my project I am focusing on the deviance in sport, particularly looking at the much-publicised increase 'diving/simulation' in professional league football and also the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. My information was gathered from the Internet, textbooks, from television - seeing deviance firsthand in matches and also listening to managers, commentators and other officials talking about deviance and finally from the radio where I heard discussions and interviews which were related to deviance. ...read more.


This even occurs at junior level. Coventry is definitely on the side of the FIFA to rid football of diving and favours video replay after a game and the disciplining of a player if he has been diving. All Coventry players at every level have a list of legal substances that they are allowed to take and those known illegal ones. So there is no excuse for usage of any illegal banned substance. Another form of simulation is the over-exaggeration of the result of any tackle. The Football Associations' rules states that: 'Players who clearly simulate injury in order to deceive the referee should also be dealt with under this law'. This refers to those players who fake serious injury after a tackle. An example that simulation has become more sinister, as these players they are deliberately trying to get the referee to take disciplinary action against the opposition. Over the last few years there have been 100's of examples of players being sent off because of the over-exaggeration of a tackle from his opponent. It shows that even top referees at the highest level can be deceived, and that cheating and the cheaters can sometimes prosper. And that is why these footballers continue to 'dive' because they are getting away with it and are getting distinct advantages for it, for example getting a player sent off or getting a free kick or penalty. Athletes are encouraged to behave in ways that wouldn't be allowed in other areas of life. This can pose problems for sport. 'On the field' deviance "includes violations against the norm, that can occur while preparing or participating in sporting events" (Coakely 1993). Why deviance in sport takes place?? "Deviance can be caused by media coverage or commercialism, or the pressure to win." From Sport and PE Crawford (2000). Over the last few years' deviance has increased, and the commercialism and money in sport has also spiraled. ...read more.


For testing positive on a drugs test. His explanation was the he had used a Vicks Vapor inhaler purchased in the US with realizing that, unlike the UK version, it contained a mild version of methamphetamine; which in its stronger form, can give the user a feeling of invincibility, but given that the potential side-effects include hallucination, palpitation and blackouts, it is the last drug a skier would take. Baxter is currently still fighting the decision, Baxter is a regular user of Vicks inhalers in the UK and he has been assured it was listed as a safe product in the UK; he says it didn't occur to him that the ingredients would differ in the US. Appraisal I encountered a few difficulties in my project, the first was that I did not receive any replies to the letters that I wrote to Coventry City football club. I wrote them letters asking whether they could reply to some questions I had prepared on deviance. So instead I called Coventry City and asked to speak to a representative, which wasn't as useful as a reply to the letter. Also all my textbooks that I used were very generalized none of them were specifically designed to concentrate on deviance in sport. If I was to extend my project and had a higher allowance of words I would try and cover the full topic of deviance, deviance has a massive breadth of resources; too big for me to cover in this project; which is why I focused more on simulation in football and drugs. If I were to improve my project I would actually go personally to Coventry City football club to try and get an interview with someone at the club, so that they could answer my questions. Try and get interview with different sources and see how deviance affects each, for example for referees, players, managers, chairmen etc. Also I would try and find books designed specifically for deviance, so I could get more information about the topic. ...read more.

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