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Tudor sports

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Sports Cockfighting was a big sport in Tudor England. They would place two cocks in a pit and watch them fight to the death. Bear baiting was another sport that was enjoyed. Dogs and bears would fight it out until one or the other was dead. It was quite a one sided sport because the bear would be chained and would have to face not one dog but a pack of them. One sport that you might no well was football and it was very popular indeed. Of course the game wasn't played as we know it today but was much more rough. Games would encourage the whole town or village to get involved to the point that many men missed their warfare practice! This bothered Henry VIII very much, so he simply banned it. ...read more.


It was only at Christmas that rules were slightly relaxed in celebration of a religious holiday. Football had been a popular sport for a number of years. It was very different in Tudor England when compared to the game today. There was no limit to the number of people on each side and the goalposts were set about one mile apart. The rules also allowed those playing to pick up and throw the ball as well as kick it into the opponent's net. These games were rough and many young men were hurt while playing it. These casualties were always those who might be needed for the army - young, fit men. In 1540, also in the reign of Henry VIII, football was banned. A writer in Tudor times described football as: Football is more a fight than a game.... ...read more.


Noblemen also played real tennis - one of the oldest of all racquet sports. The law also only allowed the rich to hunt deer. Henry VIII was considered a skilled hunter and frequently spent as many as five hours a day in the saddle out hunting for deer. The poor were allowed to hunt hares and rabbit. Tudor Entertainments In Tudor times, there was at least one small group of musicians in Reading who earned money by playing for those willing to pay. Traveling actors also came to Reading, bringing their plays. One of the most popular past times was Bull and Bear baiting, which was organized by the Tanners Guild. This is now thought of as a cruel sport, where dogs are set on a bull or a bear until the bull or bear is killed. Before it died, many of the dogs would also have been killed. ...read more.

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