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UNIT 13 : PRINCIPLES OF COACHING Assignment 1 Here are the main roles of a coach: Educator * Teach participants how to do new skills and techniques. * A coach needs to pick appropriate drills according to participants ability. * A coach must teach how skills fit together and how they contribute to the overall performance. Involves tactics, patterns and styles of play. * A coach must teach how participants must control their emotions and develop teamwork. Trainer * Must ensure participants can meet the physical and physiological demands of sport. * This is done by coach implementing appropriate training programmes to develop the above. * Coach needs to understand and implement the training principles for the participants. * Coach needs to keep the participant general health good e.g. diet. Manager * Show good management and leadership skills. * Coach needs to control the environment, be authoritative and respected. * Doesn't mean shouting all the time. * Have a good manor between coach and participants to get the best out of them. * Selecting teams who will perform to the best of the teams ability. * Manage other coaches and staff. Innovator * Coach must progress and develop. * Find new ways of doing skills, stop boredom. * Use new tactics in a game for variety to get most out of team. * Take new approaches to gain extra advantages to win. * Effective coaches must reflect on their own coaching to improve in the future. Friend * Coaches and participants spend a lot of time together. * Coaches should share negative and positive experiences with participants. * The sporting environment is tough so coaches need to support participants with stresses. * Keep participants feet on the ground after successes and pick them up after failures. * Help motivate participants. * Coaches must keep a friendly and open environment. Role Model * Performers need a coach to guide them. ...read more.


Child protection is a very big issue in this country. It is made sure that all coaches being employed to coach children are checked by police before taking up any position. Coaches have a responsibility to protect children from all forms of abuse. There are for main kinds of abuse; neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and physical abuse. This would not apply too much to Sir Alex but it did for Tony around 5 years ago when he had a very young squad. All coaches should hold insurance cover for the specific sport they are involved in. They also need it for their employment status (self-employed coaches need public liability insurance). Many governing bodies may include insurance as part of their affiliation fee. All coaches need to be able to understand and execute certain skills associated with technical and tactical aspects of sport. It is partly true that a good coach can coach a person in any sport because the fundamental coaching skills are the same across all sports, and it's only the context that changes. A coach has to have a good knowledge of a sport and its demands in order to effectively coach and teach. Techniques Many coaches go back over games with videos to show their side what they can do to improve. Assistant coaches also give feedback on performances. Most pro clubs use videos because they have the time and places to do like Sir Alex, but amateur sides mainly stick to verbal feedback which is what Tony sticks to. The quality of a session Sir Alex would take would be much better than a sessions set by Tony. This is due to facilities, equipment and they players themselves. Tony's sessions made need more explanation than Sir Alex's due to him having a less able squad of players. Most coaches to get the best quality out of their team have them repeat a drill over and over again. ...read more.


Coaches must respect the rights, dignity and worth of ever participant. They must treat everyone equitably and sensitively within the context of their activity and ability, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation. Both coaches can be seen to give equal opportunities to performers. Sir Alex has players from all over the world and Tony has a few people from a few different continents also. Coaches always give performers opportunities to develop their range of skills. Sir Alex and Tony always give their players opportunities because they believe they can still develop themselves as players. Performers will learn best when they are able to build on their own experiences and their own skills. Coaches should always look to introduce techniques progressively and show how they are linked to previous skills whenever possible. This relates to a performers progression through the different stages of learning. If a performer learns skills in isolation he or she will never progress. With Sir Alex and Tony you will always get professionalism and you should form any coach, no matter what sort of level they coach at. Most of the time a coach is viewed as a person of authority who has a certain amount of power. It is essential that a coach knows how to use their authority and not abuse it. Coaches should always make sure that everything they do is acceptable and is in good practice. All coaches should demonstrate a professional approach to performers that is fair, honest and considerate to their individual needs. In the UK is it stressed that coaches 'demonstrate a high degree of honesty, integrity and competence'. Good coaching practice is underpinned by the following key principles; rights - to respect and champion the rights of every participant in sport, relationships - to develop open and honest relationships with participants and responsibilities - to demonstrate appropriate behaviour and conduct and achieve a high level of competence through qualifications and continued professional development. ?? ?? ?? ?? PAUL BURROWS 1 ...read more.

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