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Unit 16 - Sports Development

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  • Submitted: 06/06/2005
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AS and A Level Contemporary Studies

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Unit 16 - Sports Development

Task 1

Scenario: You are on a work placement at the local Sports Development Unit, which is currently reviewing its methods of sports development. You are part of a team responsible for helping it to investigate this, and the hope is that it will further improve its work in the local community at all levels and the areas of sports provision.

Part a

Identify and describe the key concepts used to promote sporting opportunities and provisions doe all sections of society using relevant examples.

In 1996 the Sports Council noticed that there was a need to make a report, so UK Sport produced a report for sports development. This report was called, 'Better Quality Life for all', it highlighted the need for people to learn the basic sport skills to help make the progress to sporting excellence. By this, they aim to:

* Develop the skills and competence to enable sport to be enjoyed

* Allow all to follow a lifestyle which includes active participation in sport and recreation

* Allow people to achieve their personal goals at whatever their chosen level of enjoyment

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