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Unit 16 - Sports Development

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Unit 16 - Sports Development Task 1 Scenario: You are on a work placement at the local Sports Development Unit, which is currently reviewing its methods of sports development. You are part of a team responsible for helping it to investigate this, and the hope is that it will further improve its work in the local community at all levels and the areas of sports provision. Part a Identify and describe the key concepts used to promote sporting opportunities and provisions doe all sections of society using relevant examples. In 1996 the Sports Council noticed that there was a need to make a report, so UK Sport produced a report for sports development. ...read more.


The Sports Councils aim was to make, 'England the sporting nation', and while doing this, a sport development continuum was identified. The continuum had several stages. The stages are: foundation, participation, performance and excellence. The goals for the foundation stage of the continuum were to: This refers to the work of local authorities in association with clubs and schools to develop basic movement and sports skills. The acquisition of good exercise habits with appropriate knowledge and understanding helps to develop a positive attitude to sports and physical activity. * Increase curriculum time for PE * Increase the number of children participating in extra-curriculum activities * Increase the number of children taking part in sports out of school * Generate more of a positive attitude towards sport, especially by girls * Increase the amount of ...read more.


It relates to competitive sport and encourages people to obtain fulfilment and enjoyment by improving their performance. * Increase the number of people trying to improve their sporting skills * Increase participation in clubs The goals for the excellence stage of the continuum were: This was about reaching the top standards in sport, for example national ad international competition. * To achieve improved levels of performance in terms of world rankings, win/loss records, national and international records and individual personal bests * For English teams to succeed in international competitions Groups of people whose participation levels on sports are below those of other groups are groups like: * Ethnic minorities * People with disabilities * Women * People aged 50 and over ...read more.

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