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"Using one aspect of inclusion discussed in the seminar sessions, analyse and discuss the extent to which this perspective has developed entitlement and accessibility to sport for that specific group."

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"Using one aspect of inclusion discussed in the seminar sessions, analyse and discuss the extent to which this perspective has developed entitlement and accessibility to sport for that specific group." The aspect of inclusion that I shall be looking at is race in sport. I shall look at how the different races of the world are affected by sport and how they are included in sport. Throughout sport there has always been an issue of race throughout the sport. The issue of racism has affected all sports and is a major issue that is slowly being taken out of all sports. When we look at the race through sport it normally brings the thought of black people and also associated with the male gender. So looking at the inclusion of races in sport it will be of all races black, Asian or oriental it will involve both male and female a like so that these are not overlooked (Birrell,1989). You can not look at racism and only think of one race it involves every race you can think of. We can look at the racism that has been involved in sport in amazement at how far the world of sport has come. An example being in America the national baseball league in 1867 banned all black players from the league; this was not changed until 1946 when for the first time in 76 years a black player would play in the major leagues again (Parry and Parry, 1991). ...read more.


Black players such as Ashley Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips were subjected to monkey chants every time that they touched the ball (BBC SPORT, 2004). Incidents like this are what the Kick it out campaign against. This sort of chanting is what effects the inclusion of black players to take part in sport. This sort of actions is occurring at the highest level of the sport and has the knock on affect to the other levels which are being played. We can see the effects of racism closer to home if we look back to an incident where a black Brighton striker had been racial abused by a fan and threatened by the person (Garland & Rowe, 1999). These sorts of actions are unacceptable football no matter what level, and can be a direct reason for there being a drop in the black players at the club or the surrounding community. These sorts of actions are preventing the total inclusion in sports that is wanted by the governing bodies but nothing is being done about it. When looking at Black, Afro-Caribbean and Asian sports performers people seem to put certain stereotypes upon them because of the race. Stereotypes such as: * Afro-Caribbeans are poor swimmers because they have heavy bones * Afro-Caribbeans have weak ankles and therefore cannot play hockey * Asians are too frail for contact sport * Asians can only play hockey * Blacks are good at boxing because they can absorb a heavier beating * Blacks are good at sport because slavery weeded out the weak * Blacks have extra muscle on the top of their legs which helps them to run faster (Sleap, 1998) ...read more.


These issues are need to be sorted out as it has an impact on the whole game, it will make more players not want to play in the NBA because they don't get the right pay as someone of a similar ability. There is a problem with the American system at the moment is that the higher positions in the organisations are run by predominantly white. This goes from the owners to coaches with a very low percentage of any managerial positions being taken up by a black person (Eitzen, 1999). When people think of racism in sport they tend to believe that it is in the minority and it is not a big factor controlling sport. What they don't realise is that although it is not shouting from the stands every match racism there still is the problem behind the scenes and in the minority of stands. To try and stop this racism and get more inclusion of the smaller minorities there has to be a change in attitudes of the elder statesmen at clubs as they are stuck in the past letting things slip and not trying to change there sport for the good. There are initiative coming through to try and promote sport for the best and get people involved in there cause. The English premiership has started with the Kick it out campaign which was worn on the shirt of every player during the premiership matches. So with more initiatives coming through it will only help to stamp out the racism in sport. ...read more.

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