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Volunraty Sports Clubs.

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Cara Moloney Volunraty Sports Clubs Introduction: I'am the local chairperson of 'porto' Sports Association, I'am going to provide the local Sports council with information on the sports sector. The Cardiff central youth club is affiliated with Waga.It is run by professional and voluntary coaches. It started off as a small voluntary set-up for gymnastics in 1970 in our local town but the project was rebuilt in Ocean Park Cardiff Bay which is huge and consistes of over 100 members. My target is to think seriously about the future of Cardiff central, by doing this I need to find information on the provision, finance, and the barriers. My job as a chairman is to ensure that Cardiff Central thrives and becomes one of the major clubs in the area over the next few years. Aim's and Obejctives: To achieve this I need to think about coach development, particpants, competitions and performance for everyone. I want to increase the participation in all sports at cardiff Central, and promote the club within the local community by improving commuity links. My aim is to boost the participation level, by majking sure the club is run well and managed with great care. I need to find out what is does, and doesn't do, very well., and how to tackle barriers and improve weekensses. The Commitee. The Chair Plays a major role as a leader for the club. ...read more.


It's the managment of the commitee who will make a decision on what action to carry out after days of recieving it form the secetory.In the event of a member being asked to resign his membership, no reimbursement of Annual membership fee will be considered. Any playing member failing to advise the Captain/Vice-Captain, following selection, of his inability to play, shall be subject to suspension, at the discretion of the General Committee Dissolution: A resolution to dissolve the club can only be passed at the AGM/EGM through a majority vote form members. In the event of dissolution, any assets of the club that remain shall become the property of a govering body or a similer club focusing on the same objectives. Quality assurance: Every coach or employe should be clean of child protection, H&S and Data protection. Sponsership, Fundraising and Grants: Many sport's and recreation clubs operate with limited finances and need to raise additional funds through fundraising, sponsorship or grants. In order to be successful in raising funds for your club it is useful to appoint a dedicated person or establish a committee. The role of such a position or committee would be to: Aims: determine what purpose the funds are being raised for develop a fundraising plan identify potential sources of funds (eg: sponsorship, grants) write the grant application or sponsorship proposal ensure the acquired funds are used for the designated purpose maintain relationships with donors, grant agencies and sponsors. ...read more.


''Only 22 perecent of clubs income greater than their expenditure and 34 percent described their financial position a precarious.'' Things will get worse without tax exemtions from the goverment. Legal responsibilities: A coach is required to obay by the National Governing Body's code of ethics and conduct and as a coach they should have legal responsibilities. they should recognise the importance of Helath and Saftey and treating the public with care. This means having access to first aid and ermergancy service. A coach can be liable if there is any evidence that shows the standards have not been followed. Checking equppment is safe. Chilldren need to be protected from any violence or abuse. To ensure this is carried out in the the strictest way coaches need to be checked of any crimminal convictions and show evidence of a clean record. Coaches should have appropriate insurance which covers both public liability and personal accidents. Many governing bodies include insurance as part of their affiliation fee. Be aware of the Licensing laws such as the code of conduct follow it with great care and accept others too aswel. Protect the young people you work with maintain a parental relationship with them aswel as a coach. Advice them on healthy eating such as nutrition tell that what's good for them, inform them on the importance of food and hygine,how important it is to eat the right foods and keep clean ect. ...read more.

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