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What are the benefits of London and England hosting 2012 Olympics?

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What are the benefits of London and England hosting 2012 Olympics? England will not only become famous for the 2012 Olympics like every other country has become, it will reap the benefits of hosting the Olympic Games also; Sebastian Coe: "A London Games in 2012 would create a lasting legacy for sport, the environment, and for local, national and global communities." The Olympic games will increase tourism dramatically via this the country could earn more than 2 billion pounds in extra tourism revenue, a million more international visitors are expected to travel to England to see the Olympics. Also the 2012 games has the potential to generate around 3,000 full-time equivalent jobs in east London and probably more throughout the country. The government will also use the Olympics as a 'shop window', this allows the government to in a way boast about how good they are running the country; this enables the government to show all the world that there way of running things is the right way and also increases the government popularity within the country. ...read more.


This will happen due to more children wanting to be like there roll models and heroes so more sporting groups will be needed to be opened. Via the Olympics England will receive better sporting facilities. The major reason why countries gain the Olympics is because they show that it will be better than the last Olympics, usually with better stadiums and facilities. This benefits the public as there will be more and better sporting facilities for them to participate in sport, this links to my next benefit. Motivation to take up sport of more people will come from watching the Olympics on television or in person, or by the better sports facilities and better access to sport via grassroot teams. This increase participation in sport would decrease the high obesity level that is now common among adults and children alike thus increasing the life expectancy of the country and lowering the cost to run the NHS as less operations/cancer and other obesity related diseases are occurring. ...read more.


It can also gain world sports events in the future as it has shown the country can host the biggest sporting event in the world and also has the most up to date sporting stadiums, facilities etc. I conclude that London and England hosting the Olympics will be incredibly beneficial for England's economy, the government and the public. The economy will receive a massive amount of money while the Olympics are taking place, through advertising, tourism, overseas investments and an increase in jobs available. The economy will also thrive after the Olympics have taken place as tourists would have seen England on television and in a good light. The government will benefit so much form the Olympics taking place, the public will like the governmental party more for hosting the Olympics in England and also the governments public relations with other countries would have grown a lot. The public would also benefit form the Olympics as they will have more sporting facilities, less crime and racial abuse, increase in services and transportation and possibly a better and healthier lifestyle. ...read more.

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