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What has been the impact of the National Lottery on both elite and mass participation in the UK?

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What has been the impact of the National Lottery on both elite and mass participation in the UK? The National Lottery was set up in 1995 by the government in order to supply important areas with money and sport was one of the selected areas alongside education and heath. The National Lottery provides money to sport which benefits both elite performers and mass participation. The World Class programme set-up by Sport England is funded by lottery funding. This programme is there to provide elite performers with funding to carry on and excel in their own sport. The programme does this in three stages, Performance, Potential and Start. The National Lottery provides approximately �60 million per year towards the World Class programme, and this money comes back to the elite performers who are in this programme with the performers in the Performance programme ...read more.


The National Lottery provides money to this sector using a selection of funds and initiatives, with funds for the community to funds for just voluntary run football clubs like local youth teams run by parents and enthusiasts. The National Lottery also provides money to local authorities so they can increase their range in facilities attracting more people to take part in sport and recreation. This section also covers the Active Sports area of the Sport England's more people plan by trying to encourage and help young children from the age of 8 to 16 to take part in sport and to try achieving success in their chosen sport. The local community also benefits from increased leisure facilities and services which a local authority may provide due to having lottery funding. ...read more.


At the current time Leeds City Council is building a new 50 metre swimming and diving facility on the outskirts of Leeds which has been helped with funding by the National Lottery for the project. In years to come when the project is complete it will mean that the training facilities offered to me as a swimmer will be greatly increased. Also as a water polo player I play for the North Eastern Counties district team, which gets indirect funding from the National Lottery via the Amateur Swimming Association. This funding pays for the hiring of facilities for training, coaches and the equipment needed for training. In the past this funding has paid for accommodation and expenses for all the players when we play in competitions away from home, like at the district finals in Loughborough. So the National Lottery has helped me a lot with my sports that I play. ...read more.

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