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What has the introduction of numerous initiatives by sport England done for sport for a young age? Is this to the detrimental effect of the P.E. programme?

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What has the introduction of numerous initiatives by sport England done for sport for a young age? Is this to the detrimental effect of the P.E. programme? Sport England is responsible for providing the strategic lead for sport in England to deliver Government's sporting objectives. The organisation develops the framework for the country's sporting infrastructure and distributes Lottery funding to where it will deliver most value for sport. As part of the re-organisation, Sport England has reviewed and agreed its new vision, mission, role and objectives: There vision is: * Making England an active and successful sporting nation Their mission is: * Working with others to create opportunities for people to get involved in sport, to stay in sport, and to excel and succeed in sport at every level There role is: * To be the strategic lead for sport in England * To make focused investments through partners * To provide advice, support and knowledge to partners and customers * To influence the decision makers and public opinion on sport Sport England's business objectives are: 1. ...read more.


The Council is responsible for: * Approving all policy matters and operational and corporate plans for Sport England * Bringing an independent judgement to bear on issues of corporate strategy, performance, resources, key appointments and standards of conduct * Ensuring that public funds are properly applied and safeguarded, and that Sport England operates economically, efficiently and effectively at all time. Sport England's central support office in London works closely with nine regional offices across England. Sport England employees work hand-in-hand with an extensive network of partners and contacts across the private and public sectors. These include local authorities, sports governing bodies and national and regional organisations concerned with sport, recreation, education and environment. How does Sport England fund its work? Sport England's work is jointly funded by the Exchequer and the National Lottery. Its grant-in-aid from the Exchequer goes primarily towards maintaining England's sports infrastructure. Through the Sport England Lottery Fund, Sport England distributes National Lottery funds earmarked for the development of sport in England. ...read more.


play sport * More medals through higher standards of performance in sport Sport England has made sport for young people a lot more accessible than it was before 1997 (sport England introduced in 1997). Sport England has created the opportunity for young kids and students to be able to participate in sport. Also Sport England introduced in primary schools P.E. fact cards/programme cards, these cards have information on how to construct a lesson for the young children. Also with these cards are the equipment needed to participate in the sport. Sport England has helped the children of the united kingdom to perform in a sport as best as they can and give less fortunate people a chance to make a career out of sport. Sport England has help schools by providing very generous amounts of money with the help from the national lottery to ensure that schools have the most sports available as they possibly can. For example the new sports hall, which was funded by the national lottery. ...read more.

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