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What impairment requires the use of the chosen physical aids

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What impairment requires the use of the chosen physical aids Our elbow is a hinge joint, which means that it can move in only one plane - like a hinge on a door. A joint is where 2 bones meet. 1 Our elbow is a hinge joint made up of the humerus which is the bone of the upper arm, the ulna which is the bone that runs from the your elbow to the tip of your pinky finger at the side of your wrist, and the radius which is the lower arm at the other side of the ulna.2 The elbow joint can be permanently damaged through frequent sports injuries such as bad sprains and fractures and through weakening of the joint caused by diseases such as osteoarthritis, which occurs when; the cartilage at the end of the bone becomes worn away. The cartilage acted as a shock absorber, without it there will be more friction and movement will be very painful. And also rheumatoid arthritis which is when the smaller joints become inflamed, tissue grows across the joint and makes movement very difficult, over time the joint can become permanently fused ands o no movement will be possible. ...read more.


This century has witnessed joint replacement for people under the age of 40; these patients under this age have shown to be very energetic and sportive, which has placed more stress on the hardware of the joints, which made surgeons give their immediate attention to improve the durability and life of these elbow prostheses. Surgeons are now aiming to produce elbow replacements that last for 30 years or more.4 Comment on the benefits and drawbacks of the use of physical aids The aim of replacing the damaged elbow joint is to restore comfort, functions and mobility to elbow joints damaged by disease such as arthritis and its different forms. Surgical replacement of the elbow involves the cutting of tendons and bone this might cause a lot of pain, this pain is controlled by pain medication and anesthetics, strong medicine such a morphine are occasionally given to the patient to manage the pain5. After the operation other complications and problems might occur, some of these complications are6: - * Infection * Loosening * Nerve or blood vessel injury Infection of the elbow joint can be very serious, infection can happen for the following reasons, the skin covering the elbow is very thin and there is no muscle covering so this makes wound difficulty more common and can result in a serious infection. ...read more.


In 1988 artificial elbow joints were starting to become more developed with the use of more technology and more features. Patients have been complaining about elbow joints since the beginning of their creation with time they are being developed to suit patients needs. Today elbow prostheses are being developed to be less painful and more durable and to last long.7 What moral and ethical consideration could be associated with its development As we can see from the history of development of elbow joints there wasn't much competition on different companies producing different kinds of artificial prostheses. This might have affected the price of prostheses. In the beginning prostheses were simple and were fairly inexpensive, but as technology was introduced to the development of prostheses, the price has been exaggeratedly high. One of the researchers involved in the producing of the Boston elbow had separated from his team and started creating the Utah arm which was better and more useful than the Boston Elbow, but the greed of this researcher had blinded him that his invention had the same disadvantages as the older inventions, which was mainly the difficulty of use and the expensiveness. 1 Gareth Williams, Biology for You, page138 2 http://www.mythos.com/webmd/Content.aspx?E=4&P=PRODEV 3 Biology for You, page 143 4 http://health.discovery.com/centers/surgery/articles/tamar/hardware/hardware.html 5 http://www.orthop.washington.edu/faculty/Matsen/elbowarthritis/06 6 http://www.orthogastonia.com/patient_ed/html_pages/elbow/elbow_arthroplasty.html 7 http://www.bae.ncsu.edu/research/blanchard/www/465/textbook/otherprojects/2000/prosthetics_00/project/1.html ...read more.

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