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What is a hero? In my view a hero is someone that you admire.

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What is a hero? In my view a hero is someone that you admire. You may admirer them for their achievements, outlooks in life or maybe just because they are famous. In this case I admire my hero for his courage and his determination all through his personal life and his career. This story begins in Bellshill near Glasgow 24th September 1962 where a Glaswegian boy was born. His parents Alexander and May called their miracle Alistair Murdoch McCoist. If only his parents had known the difference this baby boy would make to Scottish football in years to come. At the age of 16 Ally left His High School Hunter high to take up a career in football after his chemistry teacher Archie Robertson noticed him and took him to the St Johnstone Boys Club trials. Unfortunately Mr Robertson died and did not see ally make it to the professional football stage in his career. This is one of Ally's biggest regrets in life. On the 1st December 1978 Ally started his career at St Johnstone FC from their Boys Club. During his first season he appears on the pitch 4 times, though he fails to score a goal but how it changed in the later stages of his football career. Then in 1981 he was transferred to Sunderland for two seasons but still gets no motivation. ...read more.


Rangers had lost their 9 in a row to Celtic and then lost the Scottish Cup final to them also although Ally did score a goal. After the match he showed his disappointment by sitting on the grass and his eyes welling up with tears. This was his last ever match for Rangers. In the summer of 2000 Kilmarnock FC bought him where he ends his 22-year football career. Although his football was over Ally was still an entertainer and is to this day a captain of "A Question of Sport" game show and half-time match analysist. He has released a number of comedy and sport videos including "Still having a Ball", " Ally Mc Coist" and the newest arrival " Mc Coists trials and errors". Ally has also had a taste of Hollywood with his film "A Shot at Glory" which was a great success. All through his life he has had a number of achievements. He broke many goal-scoring records including the Rangers club record of 355 goals with an average of 30 per season in a total of 581 games. He achieved Jimmy Smiths "all time all game" record of 419 goals, broke both Premier Division scoring record and finally Post War league goals record. Super Ally had 61 caps for Scotland and scored 19 goals. For his services to the game he received an MBE in 1994 along with the UEFA golden boot, which he won twice. ...read more.


He is quoted to have said " You only have one chance at life so make the most of it". Before Mitchell was born Ally didn't realise how valuable life was and now appreciates it so much more and doesn't miss any opportunities. Therefore he lives life to the full. Ally's biggest dream is that his son Mitchell will make it through life with not too many disturbances and that his children lives will be as good and as prosperous as his has been so far. His least important dream is for Scotland to win the World Cup but he accepts this will never happen, as it would help if they qualified first. He would also like to see one of his boys follow in their "daddy's" footsteps and become a professional footballer. Some general information about my hero is that his perfect happiness would be a Sunday lunch with his family. His greatest fear is his son Argylle. His idol is Robert the Bruce and he admires his son Mitchell the most. Finally his happiest time is when he is on a football pitch kicking a ball around. Overall I chose Alistair Mc Coist as my hero because I admire him for his determination throughout his career as a footballer and also the trials in his personal life that he has overcome including him having the will to save his marriage. Everyday life for me is meeting my hero at the shops and I feel privileged to do so. Biography: Ally Mc Coist By Elaine Elliot ...read more.

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