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Why do some sports teams stay together and achieve, whilst others seem to fall apart?

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Why do some sports teams stay together and achieve, whilst others seem to fall apart? There are teams with a huge amount of good team positive spirit and togetherness that succeed, and there are teams that don't gel in any way shape or form. Sometimes teams can have the most staggering amount of talented and exuberant super stars in the World but they might not bond together preferably well. On some occasions it might be because a lot of them are primadonna's they regard themselves to be much better then their fellow counter parts, and can't bare to share any part of the lime light. A football example of this would be the England v Sweden (1st round group game); Lampard was taking countless long range hopeful effort shots at goal instead of keeping the ball down and slipping in his fellow team mates who were in more promising positions. Never once did he look for another outlet, he did this because he wanted to impress and make himself look good regardless of what negative effect/outcome it could potentially have on the team. Therefore, Lampard is not working as part of a team and could be causing some feeling to develop between him and his team mates. ...read more.


(Possibly giving them specific responsibility roles) A lot of the framework that makes a team successful or unsuccessful is its level of group cohesion, without these teams will be unbalanced. If they tend to stick together outside sport because they have a vast amount of similar tastes and interests, there may be a total harmony, this is referred to as social cohesion. Never the less even if the members do not like each other they may join together in the pursuit of great success and share goals, thus producing task cohesion. The things a cohesive team has are well defined roles and group norms, common goals, a positive team identity, a good working relationship, shared responsibility, respect, positive energy, trust, a willingness to cooperate, unity, good communication and pride in team. Another very big indicator of the level of cohesiveness in a team is the frequency of statements of "we" and "our", in contrast to other statements of I, me and mine. Cohesion usually takes quite a long time but it us very valuable and worth achieving for any team. To establish cohesion, everyone needs to be on the same wavelength when it comes to team goals. If everybody in the team is aiming towards the same goal then this will naturally help cohesion develop on to a greater level. ...read more.


For example a group of basketball players assigned to teams of varying size playing over a 10 week season, developed more cohesion when they training in small number groups and less cohesion when in large number groups. Leadership Determinants - The interaction between the coach and his team players can influence the development of cohesion. A democratic style of leadership works more effectively than an autocratic approach. A lot of these determinants are the telling differences between teams that stay together and achieve and teams that fall apart and fail miserably. Successful cohesive teams are likely to consist of players high on confidence who don't blame themselves when their team loses and share in the creditably of victory. Players who engage in behaviours that can potentially sabotage their own fitness and long term ability to function provide a convenient ready made excuse for bad performances, but then if the team is successful will gladly take credit. This self handicapping behaviour is most common with low task cohesion. (Unsuccessful teams) Cohesion has a positive impact on each individual team member's psychological state, leading to the individual's satisfaction of the competitive experience will to become greater and leave them striving for more. With cohesion the team as a whole becomes stable, more organised and better structured. For cohesion to be fully in place there needs to be two aspects which the team must have, player attraction and group integration. ...read more.

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