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With reference to either sports development or leisure activities explain how the destination of space for these activities can lead to conflicts

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Sarah Ralls 0701 TM Key Skills Communication Level 3 C3.3 WITH REFERENCE TO EITHER SPORTS DEVELOPMENTS OR LEISURE ACTVITIES EXPLAIN HOW THE DESIGNATION OF SPACE FOR THESE ACTIVITIES CAN LEAD TO CONFLICTS. Sport is a part of culture, and is a part of most people's everyday lives. If not participating then listening or watching through the media, everyday day, day in day out. There are many different types of sports and therefore there are many kinds of developments needed to accommodate these activities. In particular football in this country is given elevated status above other sports, due to the easy accessibility of the game, whether it be a kick around in the local park or going to a world-class stadium to watch an international match. ...read more.


The construction of the new stadium can create in excess of 3,000 jobs and although these jobs are not lasting, permanent staff can then be employed at the facilities. The impact of the new stadium creates a ripple effect amongst the local community, infrastructure will be improved, and although on match day's congestion and volume of people will be increased, the improved services and amenities in the long term should compensate for a days disruption. Tourism also increases as a stadium of national importance can attract visitors from abroad. Advertising and sales of souvenirs and programmes can also bring a lot of money to the area as well as an increase in tertiary industries. ...read more.


At the proposed new Ashburton Grove site (London) for the Arsenal football club music concerts are proposed to being held there. This idea stems from that of the horse racing world where racing grounds are only used for 15 days a year but the facilities are used everyday for other functions such as conferences, and weddings etc. Overall stadium developments are the future of sport, with new technology being introduced all the time to accommodate the increasing demands of the local community, media, government and inevitably the football clubs themselves. Each different case in question has different pros and cons, however no one can deny the long-term returns that these developments bring to the people on a local and national level economically, environmentally and socially. ...read more.

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