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Women and Sport

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Women and Sport Turn on your TV screen and there's a high probability that a sports game will be on at one channel. Unless it's a special sports channel such as 'sky sports' etc. you will easily realise it is men playing the relevant sport. Ever wondered why? Why aren't women's sports as amazingly popular as the large market of men's sports? Millions are spent on men's sports and men sports' propaganda but why aren't women's sports as popular? They are physically and mentally able to play the same type of sports and there are as many talented women as there is men, but for reasons unknown to many, they are just not as well recognised. My parents brought me up to think that girls could play sports just as well as boys and from a very young age I have represented the school and other extra curricular clubs in all of the sports that were available to us. In primary school we played in mixed teams and both girls and boys had similar abilities and enjoyed working together as team, regardless of our gender. As I got older, boys' and girls' teams were split up as our abilities in sports differentiated quite drastically. Boys were always stronger in sports such as football and rugby, but we girls were still able to easily beat them in games of basketball as we grew up much quicker, so we were taller than them. ...read more.


Men's sports have been here for longer, from the very first Olympic Games, when only men could participate, while women's sports are still relatively young and the number of fans in the audience is steadily growing. Certainly there has been a large improvement since the early 1900s when female sports were nearly non-existent from the extra-curricular, competitive viewpoint. Women's sports have become manifestly more physical within the past ten years. It is a quicker forum; the women are more athletic which also allows for more excitement. More aggressive sports such as rugby and water polo are additionally beginning to become more popular in the world of women's sports. Women now see they are able to compete in more dynamic and vigorous sports and are taking the chances they are given to show that they are also accomplished to achieve success in such sports. Many have the skill, aptitude and talent to compete in any sport, and now they are beginning to be given the chance to take part in these sports, and compete. Even though it is undeniably improving, the 1997-98 NCAA Gender Equity study put together by CNN and Sports Illustrated, shows that there's still room left for improvement. This study demonstrated that the average Division 1 men's basketball head coach made nearly twice as much ($120,857) as did the women's basketball head coach ($74,187). The average operating expense, in the same study, was $197,048 in men's sports, compared to the women's $120,930. ...read more.


The adoption of Title IX, which allowed for female sports to expand and grow at the high school level and that educational institutions had to provide equal opportunities for females to participate in sports as they did males or else lose their federal funding. This title certainly provided a path for society to follow where female athletes are concerned. Great strides have been taken to provide an equal opportunity for females in the sports' world. Women have undoubtedly come a long way, and yet have a long way to go. Increases in scholarships, salaries, airtime , operating and recruiting expenses have left athletes encouraged, even thought they still do no compare to those of the male athlete. If sports are good for half the population, they must be good for the other half. We are a different gender but not a different species. I don't want men to have less but I just don't understand why so many doors are closed to us. Women should be treated as equals to men when it comes to sports. Will it ever happen? I do not know, but I hope so. 'The stoy of women in sports is a personal story because nothing is more personal than a woman's bone, sweat, sinew and desire, and a political story, because nothing is more powerful than a woman's struggle to run free' Mariah Burton Nelson, introduction to 'Nike is a Goddess: The History of Women in Sports' 1988 By Maria Guisasola 11.1 ...read more.

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