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You are to produce an analytical written account of the development of sporting excellence in one of your chosen practical activities.

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[BM1]AS Level Physical Education Unit 1: Local & National provisions By Byron Moss * You are to produce an analytical written account of the development of sporting excellence in one of your chosen practical activities. All around Oxfordshire there are lots of opportunities to play rugby for clubs (at grass roots of the sport). This applies to anyone who is interested in the sport no matter who they are. If they are female, male, young or old they are welcome to play. Around Oxfordshire there are 8 rugby clubs that are well represented, although there are some smaller clubs. These clubs provide opportunities for young or older players to improve their game and progress through the stages of rugby development. Well known rugby clubs such as Bicester, Oxford, Banbury and Henley offer the best facilities in the Oxfordshire region, and alongside this they offer the best opportunities for the development for the new talent that is coming through. In Kidlington the new ground at Stratfield Brake has come through government funding. ...read more.


In my case the RFU would receive their grants from these two bodies. They also provide advice to schools and help to support them at all levels. UK sport have a wider cast over the whole of the UK where as Sport England control sections within that whole area. These funds develop grass-root sports through grants mainly to build new venues to attract new players to the sport. In the rugby circle, club level in at the bottom if you like. It is the basis for all of the development that is taking place. You start at mini's here and move through juniors to colts and then into the adult teams (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,5th). From here you move from the clubs to the county trials then into the county representation. Elite squad is the next step from here and then into the area squads. South/North England, England U16,U18,U21 and then the full England squad are the next steps in the ladder to the top of the English game. ...read more.


Some of the rules do vary as the game is played on a basketball court although the game is classified as a contact sport. Obviously not all types of contact are permitted under all situations, but contact is not to be discouraged in the name of safety as it is in the nature of the sport. This is a great variation to rugby and it is great that this association have their own league so that even people with disabilities can compete in this traditional contact sport. This means that no matter who you are or what you are, anyone can play rugby. This is good because everybody deserves to play this game and have the opportunity to succeed. So now that the mini's, juniors and colts are set up for males and females, as well as men and women playing at 1st team or professional level everybody can participate. After all there are no rules that are written to stop people form playing providing that there is a team for them to play for. This is because mixed gender rugby is not allowed after mini's level, and one of the main priorities for the lower age groups is safety. [BM1] 1 BM ...read more.

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