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You Remove Physical Education from Curriculum your in Danger of Removing One Most Powerful Influences on Children's Lives"

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You Remove Physical Education from Curriculum your in Danger of Removing One Most Powerful Influences on Children's Lives" As children go through their school lives physical education becomes essential in the way that they will go on to live in the future. As it gives the children the chance to take part in sports and learn about the importance of physical activity and nutrition. Through high quality physical education we can influence the way that children live their lives. Physical education is essential in providing the basis of good health and nutrition in sport. PE's place in the school curriculum is that it contributes to children's health and fitness (Zeigler, 1994). When children are being taught high quality physical education it is not only the benefits of activity but also how they are taught why it is beneficial to them and reasons to continue trying to live there lives in a healthy fashion. Through physical education the children are also taught about nutrition and how important it is in their lives. When children are taking part in P.E they are more likely to listen as it is considered to be one of the more fun subjects in the curriculum, this makes it essential to keep it as if kids loose one of the more fun subjects in the curriculum then it will lead to a drop in the attendance of kids as they don't have any fun classes left to attend. A good quality level of physical education also means that it might inspire the children to take up sport outside of school and continue on in taking part in physical education after they have left the school. ...read more.


If go about removing physical education from the curriculum you will miss the vast opportunity for success in our athletes and improving a lot of schools around the country with the money from sports colleges strand of PESSCL. It will also result in the loss of a huge amount of jobs set up through the sports colleges. The second component of PESSCL to look at is school sport partnerships. School sports partnerships are forged between different schools coming together to produce a higher quality of P.E for children. In this partnership there are commonly three role involved they are the partnership development manager (PDM), School sports co-ordinators (SSCos) and primary and special school link teachers (PLTs). Each of these role links into each other to try and provide as much Physical education and after school sport as possible (Youth Sport Trust 2006). All of these are key to keeping interschool sport going and making it better, but if we remove physical education from the curriculum we will lose these links between schools and sport in schools will suffer. There will not the intra-school competitions which schools like to compete into to win trophies as we have stopped the link between everyone in the school sports partnerships. The next aspect of PESSCL to be looked at is the professional development side. This looks at developing the standard of the delivery of coaching in schools and clubs. It hopes to make them more professional in the way they deliver there coaching session (Teachernet, 2006). The programme sets up different courses for the teachers to take on improving there teaching in physical education, but if remove P.E from the curriculum it will result to throwing all of this work out the window and preventing the development of sport in this country. ...read more.


(Ofsted, 2005) Though there has been a lot of success in the PESSCL strategy there have also been the disappointments in the plan. Some disappoints are that physical education's time is considerably reduced with school events, national testing and examinations. So even though there are also other problems that are needed to be fixed. Although the benefits of the PESSCL strategy has reached many schools, it has not yet reached all schools with many of these schools are not even giving a satisfactory level of physical education. (Ofsted, 2005) We can see that through PESSCL the government has been working hard to improve the standard of which P.E is being taught at. But if we then remove physical education from the curriculum it means that you will not benefit from all of the progress that has come about already, as well as some of the benefits to come about in the future from the PESSCL strategy. When we look at all the effect that has happened through physical education it seems silly that we should even contemplate getting rid of it from physical education. It has moved on from the dark ages when it was not taught to the high standards which have now been set for physical education. Though there has been improvement shown throughout physical education there is still a need to improve. If we remove physical education from the curriculum it would be like giving up on the fight against obesity and condemning millions of young children to a life with major threat from heart disease through there unhealthy lifestyles. When looking at physical education in the curriculum we should not look at removing it but look at increasing the time allocated to it in schools as it is one of the few subjects that will have a major affect on every pupil's live. ...read more.

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