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The constitution has failed to provide for the effective government of the USA discuss.

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"The constitution has failed to provide for the effective government of the USA" discuss. The USA today can be seen as a very different USA than that of the 18th century. Over the years the constitution has been amended and interpreted and there have been many arguments. It is clear that this piece of documentation plays an important role for the political system today although some people believe that there is no need for it. The Founding Fathers made the constitution in a completely different day and age. The Constitution was made for the people, but it was known as "the great compromise", the Founding Fathers knew that they would have to sacrifice effective government for an efficient government. The Framers also knew that this compromise would be very unpopular so they made the nature of the document short and vague, this was so people could read it and interpret it the way they wanted to and people could determine and agree what certain phrases in the Constitution mean in practice. Therefore the constitution being open to interpretation allows for a wider view on things and acts as a catalyst for politicians to get their points across or legislation through. ...read more.


the development of congressional committees and executive agreements. Flexibility can also be found in the legislation from congress, think of the constitution of a basic outline, a skeleton so to speak, then congress add flesh to the bones, they do this with legislation. Legislation puts down in detail what the founding fathers sets out in the structure, e.g. The Civil Rights Act (1964) this was a landmark piece of legislation in the United States that outlawed major forms of discrimination against blacks and women, and ended racial segregation in the United States. Clearly an example of how the united states can work together to make important decisions and laws that are necessary and shows an example of how the can be effective. Legislation is a way of adding to the constitution but it can always be put to rest by the Supreme Court, they have the power and authority to look at a piece of legislation from congress and to declare in unconstitutional, this is a way in which the effectiveness of the government can be criticised and the flexibility of the Constitution decreased. The Supreme Court can choose to work against the other branches of government, this could cause gridlock in which no works gets done or laws get passed. ...read more.


Although the constitution has stopped government from reaching its full effectiveness it has still allowed them to deal with changing situations and allowed them to get work done. It has given the people their rights and given them their basic freedoms. The constitution over the years has helped America become a fair Country and has helped all citizens. Although there are examples in which the constitution has acted as a straight jacket in which it has stopped government from doing its job e.g. hurricane Katrina, the constitution blocked government from being truly effective and stopped them from using their powers to help New Orleans. Although President Bush ordered a state of emergency and an evacuation the Political system could do little in aid of the aftermath i.e. helping people rebuild their homes all over Louisiana. This shows the inflexibility of the Constitution. In general the constitution has aided the Government and helped USA in many ways and at many times and has allowed government to make their own choices and either work together or not. It has inflexibility to an extent but not to a serious extent, the flexibility of the Constitution outweighs the inflexibility and there are ways in which the government can overcome some of these, although just because there is flexibility it doesn't mean that the hard more inflexible ways are not useless, some may argue that they are better and more permanent ways of effectiveness. ...read more.

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