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Advising a member of the California assembly how to vote on Abortion law. Ms. Hancock should oppose this proposition because the demographics and voting statistics in her district has strongly opposed this issue in the past election.

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In this memo, I will be aiding California Assembly member, Loni Hancock, of the East Bay District Congressional District 14. Ms. Hancock is part of the Democrat party, she has served as the mayor of Berkeley from 1986-1994, Berkeley's city council member from 1971-1979, executive producer of the Shalan Production from 1981-1986, and as an official in the Clinton Administration of Education during 1994-2001. She is currently running for re-election as an Assembly member. If elected, she promises to improve public schools so students can receive the best education, she also promises to safeguard the environment, and to build a stronger economy by investing in job training and strengthening its infrastructure. Ms. Hancock is respectably and officially endorsed by U.S Senator Barbara Boxer, The Sierra Club, and the California Federation of Teachers. I will discuss Ms. Hancock's opposition to proposition 85 as an advantage to benefit her 2006 re-election and how she will strategize her campaign with support of demographics and endorsements within and out the county. ...read more.


According to the 2001 Assembly, Senate, and Congressional District statistics, Berkeley and most of Oakland are in this northern Alameda County district, which also boasts a high Green Party registration (2.5 percent). It has a minority population of 59 percent, including a Black population of 32 percent, Asian population of 15 percent and Latino population of 12 percent. It has an average democratic voting record of a whopping 78.8%. In a location where the majority of the population is poor minorities, people will most likely vote for democrat officials. In political theory, the democratic voting pattern dealing with ideologies such as this contested proposition tend to be upwardly pro-choice. They believe that if this proposition is passed then it could put vulnerable teenagers in jeopardy by forcing them to tell their parents. This could be problematic for some may come from a troubled home of abuse and violence. In spite of the issue, Ms. Hancock will most likely get support from minorities in the county. ...read more.


This initiative will also magnetize a substantial number of women - with the demographics and statistics of her district, many of them will oppose the initiative. These groups will contribute because they believe that there are alternative ways in resolving these problems. They believe that good family communication cannot be imposed by government. Laws make teenagers choose between talking with parents or having illegal and unsafe abortions which some will delay critical and medical care. Another way to prevent teen pregnancies is professional counseling and comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education that includes abstinence and birth control. In conclusion, Ms. Hancock's strategy is straightforward and clear. She has already built a name for herself as a trusted politician in Berkeley in serving as mayor, and a city council member. She has the most liberal district in California which will not be as hard to kill this initiative as opposed to a fairly conservative district. Ms. Hancock will just need to pull the votes of the few and appeal to major organizations that are against proposition 85 as well. ...read more.

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