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"An admirable and enlightened example of international co-operation.' Does the congress System (1815-25) deserve to be so described?

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"An admirable and enlightened example of international co-operation.' Does the congress System (1815-25) deserve to be so described? When the Napoleonic Wars came to the end, the European countries held the Congress of Vienna to settle down the problems. After that, the European powers decided to hold conferences in the coming years to maintain the peace of Europe and solve the problems by talking, discussing, but not by wars. These congresses, which included Congress of Vienna (1814-15), Congress of Aix-la Chapelle (1818), Congress of Troppau (1820), Congress of Laibach (1821), and Congress of Verona (1822), formed the Congress System, which can be also called Metternich System or the Concert of Europe. This essay is going to have a look that if the Congress System is an admirable and enlightened example of international co-operation. First of all, the definition of admirable and enlightened should be stated. Admirable means excellent, and deserves others to respect with pleasure and satisfaction. Enlightened means free from prejudice, ignorance. Based on these definitions, the Congress system should be admired if it had reached its aims, which were maintain the peace of Europe and solving the problems by discussing and without war, unless the latter was a necessary and unavoidable. ...read more.


Maybe some people thought the reject of the proposals was because of the selfishness of the powers and this action had no advantages for keeping peace of Europe. But there is a different view, if there was an allied army or international fleet, the peace in Europe will be destroyed. Due to the selfishness of the powers, the powers would take advantages of these armies and fleets for their own purpose, such as the Russian would try to influence the West Europe and Mediterranean Sea, etc. These actions would destroy the balance of power and could keep the Europe in a peaceful status. There were some different views between the powers on some events, such as on the revolutions in Spain, the Spain colonies and Greece. The British preferred not to interfere with the internal affairs of other states, for her trading benefit, and the Austrian, Russian and Prussian preferred to suppress because themselves were multi-racial countries. The Congress System provided an opportunity for the powers to clearly express their views on these events. Nevertheless the views were a little bit different, the countries did not need to guess if the others countries would support her or not. ...read more.


Secondly, before the congress system, powers didn't discuss the issues that all of them concern for, although the issues were not their business. For example, the revolution in Spain was discussed in the Congress of Aix-la Chapelle and other congresses. Spanish revolution was clearly an internal affairs of Spain, but not the powers, but the powers also discussed it. Although there were different views between the powers, the powers reached an agreement that they should not touch Spain in the Congress of Aix-la Chapelle, although this idea was changed in the Congress of Verona. It is clearly shown that the Congress changed the powers acting themselves to taking action together. This could prevent some wars. As the Congress System succeeded, and it has a number of advantages, people later still adopt this system. Based on the congress system, there was Congress of Berlin, etc. Furthermore, the League of Nations, which was made after the Great War, and the United Nations nowadays have the same spirit as the Congress System, that's solving the problem by discussing instead of fighting. Considering all the above, the Congress System could maintain the peace of Europe. It also set up a method, which was better than the one before, to solve the problems between the countries in Europe. Furthermore, its spirit still conquers today. Therefore, it deserves to be described as "An admirable and enlightened example of international co-operation." ...read more.

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