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"An emphasis upon the differences between the UK and US constitutions neglects their more fundamental similarities" Discuss

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"An emphasis upon the differences between the UK and US constitutions neglects their more fundamental similarities" Discuss The question requires us to see the difference between the UK and US constitutions of the political systems and then analyse whether there is actually a difference between the two. Constitution specifies the powers of the state and the institutions or offices, which have and excise state power. "A state is a human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory" (Max Weber). There are two types of constitutions negative constitutions which goes beyond principles that are beyond people's wishes this is common in the US constitution. Whereas the positive constitution is an example of the British constitutions constructed so that public wishes are kept. ...read more.


Whereas in the UK the local government don't have a lot of control they just merely follow the Westminster rules. The new assembled Welsh Assembly, Scottish Parliament and Greater London Assembly have been very little power by the Westminister compared to American states. However "The unitary state was challenged by the creation of elected assemblies in Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.In Scotland,the new Parliament was given power to legislate on nay matter resrved by the UK parliament"[1].Shows that they are different however the Britain is moving to being a federal state for example the Scottish Parliament can start to decide its standard rate of tax. The American constitution consists of a Bill of Rights which compromises of 10 amendments in 1971 which gives its citizens the freedom of speech, press and religion where as Britain has no Bill of Rights. ...read more.


The British constutution is made of statue law,common law and EU trieties and legislation and others.However the American consitution has chaged over 17th century and recently due to the deducation in states which has changed to 13 states.The US constitution was an orginal document of 4,000 word plus had 27 amendments. Another difference between the two consitutions is that America is an republic consitution and therfore as stated in the consitution no politicans can be accepted from abroad without the permission of the Congress(i.e Arnold Schwarzenegger cant stand up for presenditial elctions because he is from abroad).Whereas in the UK the Queens role is to pass the law and in the House of Lords which is ,ade up of peers and Lords mainly from certain welthy brackgrounds.Since Blair came into power he changed the second chamber which left 91 Lords however its bias because they were choosen by collagues.Britain take more into account elections and discredits soversighnty and Bill of Rights. ...read more.

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