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Analyse one model of abnormality I am going to analyse the biological model

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Analyse one model of abnormality I am going to analyse the biological model. There are four main branches coming off the biological model. The first one is infection. This explanation says that an infection can cause mental illness. This can be explained by a study through which it was proven, that babies who's mother had the flu when they were pregnant, had a much greater risk of developing schizophrenia when they grew up. In other words, contracting illness or disease could mean that you have a greater chance of developing symptoms of abnormality. Meaning perhaps that illness or disease could affect the chemical make up of the brain and therefore could cause abnormality in some way. There is another example of a study in the nineteenth century. Syphilis was found to lead to brain deterioration which then led to psychotic behaviours such as delusions and other things. Then there is another explanation, involving genetics. It says that people inherit genes through reproduction and that these genes cause abnormality. So for instance, a grandparent could have had schizophrenia and it could have passed through one generation without resurfacing but then could come through and resurfaced in their grandchildren. There have been plenty of studies into identical twins compared with fraternal twins to try and justify this assumption. ...read more.


This theory if true, would man that there is no way you could stop yourself becoming mentally ill unless you immunised yourself against all infections before you got them. Also, if it could be a problem if this theory was presumed true as, doctors may treat the infection to try and fight the abnormality. This could be bad because the practitioner would be treating the symptoms not the cause and therefore would never solve the problem. The genetic theory can be depressing to some people to, as you could not help developing the illness and also genetics may stop you from treating it too. There may be no way to treat your genetical make up. There is very strong evidence to backup this theory, meaning the twins research. That does not have to be looked at negatively though. An advantage is that people would be able to predict who will or could contract an abnormality. This may help to stop it developing or if not that, then it could help treat it to, as you would be prepared. Critics of the twins theory would also argue that the concordance is never one hundred percent; if this theory was true then the concordance would definitely be one hundred percent. ...read more.


There are bad points to all this though. There are some weaknesses that I have not mentioned yet. One is to do with ethics. Some patients may not be in a fit state to decide their treatment, this can be dangerous as some treatment could change things physically and mentally with the patient that the totally oblivious patient would not like or agree with if they had the choice. Then there is reductionist. Some psychologists say that reducing human feelings and emotions to chemicals is very depressing and could cause the illness to get worse if the patient believes this. This is particularly true with the biochemical theory. Also some people like to have control of their own recovery and don't like the thought of depending on other people to cure things inside their own head. They get depressed and think they are helpless. This is called relinquishing responsibility. Thomas Szasz would also argue that the biological concept was only created for social control, so to keep people from panicking. The last disadvantage is that the biological model ignores cultural influences. The way you grow up and/or the environment you are in is said to have an affect but this model ignores that and says that it does not make a difference. So if you believe one then you can't believe the other as it would not make sense. ...read more.

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