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Are Civil Liberties and rights better Protected In the US or UK?

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´╗┐Are Civil Liberties and rights better Protected In the US or UK Jacob Murphy \zCivil Rights and Liberties are a basic necessity of rules and rights that protect citizens and give freedom to promote such issues as right to a fair trial and basic rights as the right to life in which isn?t promoted in such countries as Saudi Arabia and many authoritative countries .There?s several ways in which citizens of rights are protected from country to country such as the Supreme Court , the constitution and the Judiciary .The USA is better protected as the constitution sets out rigid guidelines in which can be followed and enforced. Judicial interpretation is the most important in protecting civil rights and liberties in which is influenced by the composition of the Supreme Court. This is crucial as land mark decisions can be influenced and sort out potential rulings in future cases. This is as in such landmark cases civil rights and liberties haven?t been protected or may not of been the decision Which would of best protected the citizen. This is as the supreme court in the USA is elected through executive bodies in which determine which candidates would be best due to political leaning with the same could be said with the appointments of judges by the JAC. ...read more.


In Britain there is legislation in which makes the British citizen weary as legislation in Britain can be changed as no government is restricted by previous legislation a case of civil liberties and rights not being protected in the Uk is the case in which Iain Duncan Smith's department has introduced legislation to 'protect the national economy' from a £130m payout to jobseekers. This was retrospective legislation in which went against the civil rights and liberties of the people as the government changed the law to suits itself so they didn’t have to pay out. This questions the accountability of the British Executive as even nations that violate human rights and liberties such as Iran and Turkey have it written into there constitutions banning retrospective legislation questioning the fairness and the rights of the citizens as a an act which may not be a crime now could cause a person to be accused of crime as retrospective legislation should not be so manipulative in deciding the outcome to protect the government. Civil Rights and liberties are sometimes not protected due to the influence held by the consummate courts in which gives little precedence to either state courts in what happens this is ...read more.


Even though this case was overturned this then invalidates the 10th amendment in which powers should not be delegated to the United States by the constitution. Validating the point that some civil liberties and rights aren?t protected by the supreme court but influenced to suit the courts standing on particular idea due to the ideology and position in which the court stands for. Showing that the supreme court is unconstitutional in its own right and overturn potentially right hearings. Overall I have found that analyzing and distinguishing between both sides of the argument that the UK?s civil right and liberties are loosely protected and don?t offer real protection with constant change and manipulation in law to such government .While also the British law takes 2nd preference to EU law by weakening the powers and decisions of judges have on the UK due to strict regulations .This is as the USAs constitution and superior body enforces the protection of Civil Rights/Liberties and it?s not until other authoritative Bodies step in and enforce the civil rights and liberties that the UK can protect them better in which shows the UK has to be pushed to enforce civil rights and liberties. ...read more.

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