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Argument use of referndums

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What are the aims for the two speeches and how effective are they in achieving their aims? (Sorry sir, this essay was quite difficult. ) In the year 1864 emerged the battle of Disraeli and Gladstone that shaped politics for a generation. It began with Peel's Corn Laws where he used the Irish famine in order to complete his free trade policy. As a result, it gave a mischievous opportunity for Disraeli to enlighten his opposition. As exemplified he used a speech, full of wit and sarcasm that directly attacked Peel, while Peel had to endure this verbal aggression bombarded at the back of his head. On the other hand Gladstone was infuriated by the attacks on 1964. Gladstone idolized Peel and saw himself has his heir while being served in Peel's Cabinet. Consequently two years later Gladstone unleashed his revenge on Disraeli's budget cuts that defeated his enemy's cuts and the entire government to resign. ...read more.


Therefore this gives an impression that Peel is a mysterious man beneath his innocent charisma as shown by the word "deception". Suggesting that Disraeli believes Peel had forgone planned to abandon his own opinions in order to receive authority and power. Disraeli was determined to convey to the government that Peel doesn't belong in the political party as well as in the country, for the reason that he is an "animal" as well as a burglar. In addition the Conservative government did not intend for the Corn Laws in addition to the Whig party. Consequently by illustrating that Peel is an animal weakens him to be unintelligent with a lack of basic knowledge, therefore it emphasises the humiliation that not only the country has been authorized by a "burglar" but an insignificant "animal" too. On the other hand, Gladstone made a comeback after 2 years. ...read more.


Lastly Gladstone managed to interweave a direct comeback to Disraeli by stressing out that there is no need for the government to be taught how to run the country that Disraeli still hasn't managed to complete his "elementary matters of administration and finance" downgrading him and establishing that Disraeli has been failing the basics. It just portrays how blind the government is by electing a person with no basic knowledge to run the country. Ultimately by analysing Disraeli's speech it establishes that he encountered a more personal attack as it not only downgrades Peel's occupation, but Peel's character as well by attacking peel with instant accusations persuading others that it's an instant fact. However I believe that Gladstone's speech was more effective. Even though he directly attacked Disraeli's policies more than the individual with more respect, his attacks had evidence of experiences and used the evidence of Disraeli's budget failures to turn against him and this was more effective as it actually caused the budget to be defeated alongside the resignation of the government. ...read more.

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