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Assess Disreali's successes during the period 1866 - 1880 in dealing with the varied problems, which faced him as a Party Leader and as Prime Minister.

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Assess Disreali's successes during the period 1866 - 1880 in dealing with the varied problems, which faced him as a Party Leader and as Prime Minister. Disreali was born in 1804 to a Jewish family, although he was later baptised a Christian. This was an important decision and would have considerable affect on his career, as during the time only members of the 'Church of England' could be a Member of Parliament. Disreali became a Member of Parliament in 1837, leader of the Tory Party in 1859, and finally became Prime Minister, at the age of 70 in 1874, Disreali died in 1881. During his time as both Prime Minister and Party Leader he faced many problems at home and abroad especially during the period of 1866 -80. Disreali was known for liking the finer things in life, like nice clothes, social life and women. This lifestyle made people not take him completely seriously. Many of the other members of parliament did not like him very much and regarded him with suspicion. This caused Disreali a problem when trying to get to the top of his 'greasy pole'. ...read more.


So creating an increased awareness of how important reforms like this were to the lives, health and safety of the population. The problem of river pollution (1875) was another example of new initiatives that Disreali's Party tackled. At the time the River Thames especially was used to dump lots of waste products in it, this consisted of human excrement and household waste, to chemicals from the local businesses and the factories. The reform stopped all of the industrial waste from being put in to all rivers, this act wasn't enforced very well as all non poisonous waste could still be put into it, but again this was considered important to the improvement of living conditions of Britain at the time. Problems with working conditions were also looked at in Disreali's governments' reforms. The reform he passed was called; - The Employers and Workman's act (1875). It meant that the employer and the employee were on the same terms. If either one of them breached their contracts, then they would be under the same scrutiny. Under this new reform both of them would be promoted equally ensuring the conditions in most factories improved due to equal treatment and co-operation on both sides. ...read more.


Many of theses reasons were because of the other politician's thought that what Disreali had done over seas with the foreign affairs. They often thought that because of all the time that he was spending with matters abroad, that he sometime forgot them problems that were happening closer to home. This period of time also showed the retirement of Gladstone from Office. The Liberals had a new leader, he was very organised and prepared in his work which led the rest of the Liberal government to follow in his good example. This did not reflect the Conservatives as from 1874 they had 'stagnated' and were 'caught unprepared for the election'. Though Disreali did face many problems getting to be Prime Minister and Party Leader because of his background, his lifestyle. Then the way his reforms, at both at home and abroad were received by others either in Office, or member's public. It seems that at the time that no one could be pleased when ever he did anything right for the public and Britain. Though he did seem to over through those opinions and get on with what he want to do, helping those less fortunate than himself. By struggling against everything and finally doing what he really wanted to do makes him successful. Alex Williams 12BWW History Essay 23/01/02 Mrs McCardle A:\Disreali.doc ...read more.

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