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Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton are both potential presidential candidates representing the views of the Democratic Party. The diversity of both these candidates combined with the controversial issues encircling the election make this one of the most cruc

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Michael Gillott February 13, 2008 Poli 361 Narrative Paper America is a country of contradiction. The innovative and modern in its western culture fails to coincide with the traditional and steady election process and mentality of the American majority. Through 216 years as a recognized nation and numerous strides in racial and ethnic equality, not one commander-in-chief has emerged as a shift from the conventional white-male standard; until now. Two candidates, one of them a woman, one a black male, and both democrats, are challenging both terms, white and male, in the 2008 election. Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton are both potential presidential candidates representing the views of the Democratic Party. The diversity of both these candidates combined with the controversial issues encircling the election make this one of the most crucial ballots of our time. With both already straying from the norm, it is safe to say that the more conservative candidate out of the two will end up taking the democratic candidacy. Although Obama's campaign and ideals hold the support of both the youth and black community, Hilary Clinton's more orthodox policies and structure makes her a more likely choice, for conservatives, in the 2008 election. While Obama fronts a neo-political campaign and a popular newness, his ideals may be too turbulent and divergent from the traditions of the United States. ...read more.


Barack Obama has been a US senator for the state of Illinois for a mere two years, which many feel is short of the sufficient amount of experience needed to give people faith in a candidate. Though Obama may be the most likely to win the election, his certain attributes and attained demographics of voters make him a strong challenger for Hilary. The attractiveness of Barack's freshness and individuality will no doubt appeal to the youth of America. With the youth making up almost 17% (www.ncec.org) of the upcoming election, this represents a huge demographic. In addition, as John F. Kennedy took the catholic vote, Barack Obama will take most of the backing of the black community. His racial stance is essentially unique, with many deeming Obama a "post-racial politician". This basically means that Obama moves away from racial differences rather than focusing on them. He feels that the acknowledgement and fixation on race will only further display its presence. Not only does Obama have the support of these two strong groups, but he has a mark of consistency that highlights his strength as well. To the attack on his political experience Obama replied, "...I think the question that people have to ask themselves is: Who has the right experience and who has the judgment to lead this country?" ...read more.


Through their similar plans, Obama's Iraq War De-escalation Act of 2007 and Hilary's Iraq Troop Protection and Reduction Act of 2007, both contenders plan to gradually withdraw troops, reduce troop deployment and establish a political solution within the Iraqi Government. These plans are highly focused upon, seeing as the War with Iraq is undoubtedly the most important issue of the 2008 election. Both nominees additionally support the increased funding of stem cell research to further promote healthcare through technology. Hilary and Obama also agree on educational funding, which they plan to increase. While the two are clearly on the same page regarding certain issues, they only differ slightly in other aspects. However, this distinction is heightened when the need for contrasting becomes evident. America therefore will base these two nominations on their other attributes and standings, most of which relate to their overall political beliefs. His policies, though possibly genius, are too new and overwhelming for the traditional minds of many Americans. Contrary to this, Hilary actually has toned down her liberal opinions, leaving her the more conventional and approved candidate, despite the fact that she is a different gender. Unfortunately, newness has become something to be feared. Until we are able to overcome this apprehension, potentially great presidents and great minds alike will be hindered from achieving their full potential. ...read more.

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