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Cabinet Positions of the US Government

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Cabinet Positions -The United States Department of Agriculture The Department of Agriculture, often called the USDA, is the government entity that is responsible for creating and executing all policies and regulations having anything to do with farming, food, and agriculture in general. Using its budget of 94 billion dollars, it aims to help farmers and ranchers, promote trade of agricultural products, assure safety of food and protect natural resources. One of the most important day to day jobs of the department of agriculture is the inspecting of meat, vegetables, fruit etc. which is marked for consumer use. -The United States Department of Commerce The Department of Commerce is a small but important department of the cabinet. The main concern of the Department of Commerce is to promote economic growth and prevent economic stagnation. To do this, it ensures that new jobs are being created, living standards are improving and that there is sufficient infrastructure in the American capitalistic system to promote growth of the American economy. This department was originally part of a larger department, The United States Department of Commerce and Labor which obviously included the current Department of Labor. The Department of Commerce also contains the recognizable Bureau of the Census and NOAA, or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for some reason. -United States Department of Defense The Department of Defense, often referred to as the DOD, though in name is one of the newer departments within the cabinet, is actually one of the oldest. ...read more.


These Human Services include Medicare, Social Security, food and drug inspections by the FDA, and the monitoring of unstable home situations by the ACF. This department also houses the CDC, which is not only important to the health of Americans, but is also a leader in medical research for the world. -United States Department of Homeland Security The department of Homeland Security is the most recently created of all the departments. Created in 2001, creation of this department was a response of President George W Bush to the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks. The department had the obvious job of dealing with policy and intelligence having to do with national security, and later, after the slew of natural disasters, also had the job of protecting against bad situations due to natural disasters. - United States Department of Housing and Urban Development This department began as the House and Home Financing Agency, but later grew into what we call the department of housing and urban development. Its main purpose is to create and enforce policy having to do with affordable housing and cities, but in recent years it has shifted to favor the former rather than the latter. An example of one of the policies that this department sets to improve living conditions and the affordability of homes is enterprise zones. ...read more.


Its mission is to provide fast, safe, efficient, and accessible transport for all citizens of the US. In recent years, when the department of transportation regulated nearly everything like airplane ticket prices, it was felt by the President, Ronald Reagan at the time, that the department was too large and had too much power, and was interfering with the private sector, so he had legislation passed that deregulated the airlines. This had many good points, like more competition, but also had cons. - United States Department of the Treasury This department was established in 1789 to deal with everything to do with the treasury of the US, but it mostly regulates the revenue of the government. It is the responsibility of the department to coin and print money, and to collect federal taxes through the smaller organization the IRS. It is also the responsibility of the department of the Treasury to manage banks, the public debt and prosecute tax evaders, counterfeiters, etc. - United States Department of Veterans Affairs The Department of Veterans Affairs is one of the most recently created departments having been created in 1988. This department deals with veterans rights and the distribution of benefits to veterans as well as their survivors. The Department of Veterans affairs, or VA for short is one of the largest departments in size and budget, employing 230000 and using 60 billion yearly. A vast majority of the employees work in VA medical centers or hospitals. ...read more.

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