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Can Terrorism Be Beaten?

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Can Terrorism Be Beaten? Terrorism is the world's single largest international problems, Terrorism has been around since the world was created, it can be anything from the slightest attack on another persons beliefs physical abuse to the world's largest attack on the twin towers in America. Terrorism means "The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons" There are many different terrorist organisations all over the world to many to list so here are just a few. "Black September, Force 15, Palestine Liberation Front, PKK, Vanguards of Conquest, Red Army Faction, New Peoples Army" There a hundreds more, However there are only a few counter terrorist groups " Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid, GSG-9, SEAL team six, SAS, Tactical Assault Group" This proves that terrorism is the single biggest problem due to the shear numbers. ...read more.


On many occasions some people have been influenced some much they have been made to use suicidal attacks. Suicidal attacks cannot really be stopped because the attackers will not stop no matter what stands before them and not much can stop a truly determined force from reaching its destination. Also the terrorist leaders will make attacks, which are sometimes untraceable, but when they get found out they have huge networks in which to hide and it is very unlikely that they will be found with all their followers protecting them. My final reason why terrorism cannot be beaten is the fact that the countries that get attacked can simply do not have the right to attack back because it would be illegal and the groups cannot be traced and because the group would be relatively hard to find in a entire country. The Reasons why Terrorism can be beaten are very few but if worked upon could even stop terrorism. ...read more.


stopped and to either single handily take up the crusade to stop all the terrorist leaders and other influential people from actually getting people to help them or simply eliminate them all this is a rather far fetched idea but if put into practice could have a profoundly good effect on society. I think that terrorism is just to big to ever be stopped in this life time and for many more decades after that. The sheer enormity of terrorism is just too mind boggling to even consider a way in which to bring it swiftly to its knee. I think that terrorism has become a way of life for many people simply because their views on life do not match to other peoples so they rebel. To say that people all had the same view would be to say a elephant could fly so I therefore conclude that terrorism will always be a part of life and there is no way of this ever be stopped. ...read more.

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