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Congressional Election Report. Michigan District 1 is the second-largest congressional district east of the Mississippi River by land area.

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Michigan District 1 Michigan District 1 is the second-largest congressional district east of the Mississippi River by land area. It contains much of the northeastern part of the Lower Peninsula as well as the entire Upper Peninsula. The area is mainly rural and the median household income is $34,076. The workforce percentage is 51% white collar, 29.8% blue collar, and 19.5% services. The district consists 94.1% non-Hispanic white, 1% Black, 1% of Hispanic, 1% foreign born, and 0% Asian (CQ Politics). In the 2006 electoral elections, Bart Stupak represented the Democrats, Don Hooper represented the Republicans, David Newland represented the Greens, and Ken Proctor represented the Liberals. In this election, Bart Stupak won 180,448 votes, 69.4% of votes while Don Hooper won 72,753 votes. Bart Stupak becomes the victor once again in the 2008 electoral elections against Republican Tom Casperson, Green Jean Treacy, and Libertarian Daniel Grow; he won 213,216 or 65% of the votes. Furthermore, in the 2008 presidential election, 50% of Michigan District 1 voters voted for Barack Obama while 48% voted for John McCain (CQ Politics). ...read more.


Some major issues that are important to voters are gun rights, abortion, and unemployment. Benishek states that if elected, he would fight for reducing unemployment, lowering taxes, improving border security, reducing energy and resource dependency, prosecuting terrorists, and protecting the right to life. His number one issue is private-sector job creation; He states that the area needs to create jobs and although government does not create jobs, businesses do. He also adds that businesses are hesitate to hire people because of increasing taxes and mentions that if spending and taxes stop, people would be more willing to invest. In regards to the tapped out resources, he informs of resources in the Upper Peninsula that need to be promoted and regulated. As for the right to life, he believes that life should be preserved. He argues about fiscal responsibility and about how the federal government is out of control and there needs to be an end to the government bail-outs, business takeovers, and growing entitlements; he states that it is time to make drastic cuts in spending, balance federal budget, and start paying down the growing national debt. ...read more.


Also, he says that the national debt needs to be reduced but Congress will not stop spending; the healthcare bill needs to be repealed and replaced with real reforms to put patients. Lastly, he argues that career politicians and special interests should be stopped and that taxpaying American citizens should speak out. Recent polls indicate that Benishek's chance of winning the seat is 52.1% while McDowell's chance is 47.9%;the winner will most likely `be Benishek because most voters prefer a congressman who will act as a check and balance on the president (Herszenhorn).Also, the fact that a congressman who comes from outside of the government and politics as opposed to a candidate who has experience as a state legislator. People are responding to Benishek's call to cut taxes, cut spending, and cut government regulation. I believe that Benishek has a higher chance of winning than McDowell because the issues that Benishek makes appeal more to the demographics of the rural community. He believes in having more representation of the opinions of the people and his campaign of bringing in a new face to the government would sound more appealing to the citizens; they would believe that a new face would bring new ideas and improve the state of the government as a whole. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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