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Democracy in Colonial Wethersfield, Connecticut

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David Faulkner Period 4 Democracy in Colonial Wethersfield, Connecticut In the years before the Revolutionary War, America and its people started to change, becoming more independent and more Democratic. From the example of Wethersfield, it is possible to see that the American society was becoming more Democratic in the later1700s but was also still very much influenced by the Christian church. From an assortment of evidence, such as the increase in voters and the decrease in slaves, we can see the change that was going on. In the social structure of Wethersfield, we can see how they are becoming more Democratic because of how there are less slaves than there previously was according to document A. ...read more.


Also, in the 1770s elections there were more men being elected to a major town office from various social groups. The trend of mostly the top 10% of men in the town being elected has shifted greatly to the second highest ten percent but has also spread out of the other groups seen in Document H. As shown in Document F, the higher government did have a more fair way of taxing the people and the way that the town officials were chosen and had to listen to the gatherings of the town. The people of the town were all seemingly more involved in the Democratic movement, by their wishes for rights and the decisions they make as a whole in Document L and also the feelings expressed in Document O. ...read more.


Also, the laws were made unjustly to help out the people of certain denominations, as shown in Document K. Rev. Samuel Peters explains how the laws were unfair to certain religions and how much emphasis was put inn the laws on the church and becoming a member of it. At first glance, we can assume that the town of Wethersfield was a good example of the steps that America was taking to become a more Democratic country. This is true but upon looking further into the documents we can see how these were but small steps and there still is a long way to go to really seeing a more true Democracy arise. There are many trails and hurdles to overcome, the religious control, the aristocratic power and wealth, and, of course, the true break from the European countries. ...read more.

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