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Describe the Key Features of the Watergate Scandal in the USA.

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Describe the Key Features of the Watergate Scandal in the USA On the 17th of June 1972 five men were arrested for trying to break into and bug the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate building in Washington. When investigating this break in, the police discovered that the five men were all employed by CREEP. CREEP was a committee established by the Republican Party to campaign for the re-election of President Nixon. They were prepared to go to any lengths to achieve their objectives, even if it meant breaking the law. There were two journalists, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, who worked for the Washington Post newspaper, who got hold of the story. They decided to do a full investigative report into the story. ...read more.


In America, all the hearings were held in public, creating a huge scandal. Like in a court of law, all the President's advisers were under oath, but were lying. It was discovered that the President had made and kept recordings of every conversation he had ever had in the Whitehouse, while he was in office, since 1971. Even when this was discovered he did nothing to destroy the tapes, simply refusing to hand them over. Eventually, the Court forced him to hand the tapes over in November 1973 and they were made public. What shocked Americans the most was his swearing. It had become part of his everyday language, but the tapes had been edited when put into transcripts, the swear words were replaced with "expletive deleted." ...read more.


Some people felt it unfair that these individuals went to prison but Nixon did not. * It added to Americans feeling bad about themselves during the 1970s - the withdrawal from the Vietnam War, a struggling economy, and now corrupt politicians. * America seemed to be going downhill. This had a humbling effect. To stop this happening again there was to be a reduction the power of the President. Some of this power was shifted to Congress: the Congress was to be consulted before sending US troops into action Also the power of the Media was strengthened. Using Federal money was to be stopped for personal reasons and the Congress set limits on contributions to presidential campaign funds and allowed private citizens to access any files that the federal government had about them. But, American's suspicion of their government increased and it was not going to be the same again. Kome Emuh 11H ...read more.

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