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Do pressure groups help democracy or undermine it?

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Do pressure groups help democracy or undermine it? There are many different types of pressure groups with different issues that they believe in and fight for. There is no direct answer to this question because I feel as though that there are pressure groups that help democracy and there are pressure groups that undermine it. The way in which pressure groups help democracy is by providing vital information for the government and information that they could use for making decisions about a particular issue that the pressure group has brought forward. This information provided to the government by the pressure groups is important because the government does not have the resources or the capabilities to go and do research about every issue that people have. Another way in which pressure groups help democracy is that they scrutinize the government and make them accountable for the decisions that they make. ...read more.


These are all the reasons for the way in which pressure groups help democracy but just like I said at the begging there are ways in which pressure groups undermine democracy and this can be in a very strong way. The way in which pressure groups undermine democracy is by going on strike over pay. For example the FBU, fire union. Important people who work in society like the fire people by going on strike they could risk the lives of many people. Also when the NUT went on strike all the schools had to shut this is also undermining democracy because it is like bribing the government to give them exactly what they want, the same thing with the trade unions for rail. They also undermine democracy by mostly the larger groups who have more money getting what they want and the smaller groups with less money having difficulty in getting what they want. ...read more.


Pressure groups make sure that pluralism occurs in most cases and allows an easier access for people to put forward there views. Although some activities that pressure groups do I believe undermines democracy the majority of things they do does help democracy. So overall I would say that pressure groups help democracy rather then undermine it and I totally believe the pluralistic way of running things and that I feel that power should be spread out and not kept within a small number of people in one place. Without pressure groups we probably would not be able to raise issues that concern us and without pressure groups we would be unable to have the force or the power to influence the decisions of the government makes and if we do not have pressure groups the government could change our rights ad we would not be bale to oppose the government (an elective dictatorship). This is the main reason why I feel that pressure groups are important to our society and they do help democracy. ...read more.

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