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Do UK firms benefit overall from membership of EU?

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Do UK firms benefit overall from membership of EU? Advantages By being part of the UK firms in the UK get a lot of advantages that firms in other countries don't get. An example of one huge advantage would be the lack of barriers that firms have against them. For instance when a conpany wants to sell its goods to another business in a foreign country in the EU they can do so without having to pay duties or tariffs on the products they are selling. Before January 1st 1993 a lot of the barriers that have now been got rid of were there. That meant that firms used to have to pay extra on top of what it cost to transport the costs. Also being part of the EU has given firms in the UK a lot more customers to sell to. ...read more.


countries without having to be checked if it already complies with English standard laws because England's standard laws are the same as all of the other countries in the EU. The minimum wage for workers is also being made the same throughout the EU so that no countries firms have any advantages over anothers. E.g. if the minimum wage in Spain is �3 or the equivalent in Euros and the minimum wage in England �4 firms in Spain will have an unfair advantage over firms in England because they are able to pay worker less. Since we joined the EU firms in this country have been able to employ people from other countries more easily to work here which is good if there was a shortage of labour. ...read more.


These are all problems of firms in England being part of the EU. Balanced Conclusion Even though there are a similar amount of advantages and disadvantages to being in the EU it is much better being in than out. Getting rid of the duties and tariffs between countries has saved a lot of money for firms in the UK and as a results has brought the prices down of the goods they sell, which make them cheaper for customers who buy more and increase spending which increases the economy. Even though language is a problem most people in the other countries speak English anyway so often you can deal in business with foreign firms easily as English is the second language in most countries. I think that firms in the UK are better off being in the EU than out of it because of all the advantages that I have said above. ...read more.

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