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Does the UK have a 'constitution'

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Does the UK have a 'constitution'? Does it Matter? There are two meanings to the word constitution the first is that It will contain all of the rules for the organisation of the state.and secondly It will usuall be 'entrenced' which means that it is hard to change. The constitution of a country is a set of rules regulating the powers of its government and the rights and duties of its citizens. In all but a few democracies in the world, the nation's constitution can be found in a single document. The exceptions are Israel, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. As a result, people sometimes say that we in Britain do not have a constitution. On the other hand people say the United Kingdom does have a constitution; it is just a little hard to track down. People also frequently say we have an 'unwritten constitution' in the United Kingdom. As you can see from all these views it makes it a little confusing to whether or not UK has a written constitution or not. There are historical reasons why we have no written constitution; Britain has not been conquered since 1066, despite the two World Wars, Britain has been stable and has had a responsible government for hundreds of years. ...read more.


Recently, the Government has been accused of decreasing its accountability through various agencies by allowing them to carry out Government policies without the agency directors being held accountable for their mistakes; a written constitution could prevent this and make Parliament and democracy more accountable to themselves and the public. Parliamentary sovereignty is slowly diminishing in Britain, and a written constitution would not only decrease Government sovereignty but also increase sovereignty of the electorate and the judicial system. At the moment, if the Government wanted to modify or add to the unwritten constitution, they can do it simply by passing an Act; this may suggest that we have an elective dictatorship in theory where the Government exercises a kind of dominant influence over Britain. An inflexible, written constitution would evolve more power into the people and the courts. This would be especially beneficial with Europe in mind; Britain is the only member in the EU without a written constitution, and a written constitution may increase our sovereignty within Europe. Before we decide if UK should have a consititution we should see the main functions of any well worked constitution they are: > To distribute power within the political system > To limit the ...read more.


If we adopted a written constitution and amended it whenever necessary, there would hardly be any difference to the present constitutional system. In conclusion Altogether, a written constitution would bring many economical, social and political benefits, and be a worthwhile move for the future of Britain. I also think that a written constitution would provide our country with greater accountability and democracy. I believe that in order for a written constitution to work in the United Kingdom the written constitution needs to be enforced. That enforcement would comes through the court system with interpretations being made most frequently by the highest court in the country. is a written Constitution a wise choice for the UK ? Obviously, implementation of laws such as the European Human Rights declaration can be considered a form of a written Constitution. However, the experience of other common law jurisdictions should be weighed in the debate. I do not believe there is a simple answer regarding the choice of a written or unwritten constitution, but any changes should be weighed against the advantages and disadvantages of the countries that have a written constitution. ?? ?? ?? ?? Public Law I (LL1123) K0200720 Jayshree Patel 1 ...read more.

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