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Does the US Constitution produce or hinder good government?

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´╗┐Does the US Constitution produce or hinder good government? The US constitution is the oldest constitution in the modern world; however does that necessarily mean that it brings about the best government? In this case the answer is probably yes, however there are many that would argue the idea that it actually results in a poor government and from that poor legislation. To defend our argument we must look at both sides of the discussion. The idea that it promotes good government can be defended by the point that it limits the government?s power. It ultimately protects the people from the government, because it means that sovereignty resides in the constitution, unlike in the UK where it resides in parliament. This is important in meaning that the constitution brings about good government because it does not allow political figures to abuse their power and the people of America, it outlines what can and cannot be done by the government and therefore allows the public to keep some freedom and privacy. ...read more.


It enables the legislation that is made to be checked thoroughly by each branch, it also compels all three branches to work together to make sure that they do what is best for America, and that is what the founding fathers wanted. They were especially worried about the president becoming a tyrant. The separation of powers and checks and balances make sure that this cannot happen. It also ensures that no radical legislation will ever be passed in the US. A strong opposition to this though, is that the separation of powers does not promote radical legislation, and although it is only the minority that see this as useful it is still a real opposition to the idea of the constitution promoting good government. No radical legislation means that there will be no huge change in America ever because the constitution does not allow it. The Checks and Balances can also be seen as negative as it could sometimes mean that instead of focusing on what the specific ...read more.


It has not been amended enough to adapt, it has only been amended 27 times in 200 years and 10 of those amendments were right at the beginning of its establishment. This too many people would not seem flexible but in fact the very opposite. It is also extremely difficult to amend as you need 2/3 majority in both houses of congress to vote in favour of the amendment. In contrast to the UK where you simply need it to pass through both houses with any majority. This could be seen as firm but it does show the difficulty in evolving the constitution. To conclude to the constitution does promote good government because it is flexible, we must bear in mind if something is so important to the development of America then it should not have too much problem being passed as an Amendment, is also beneficial because the constitution is firm as it does not allow change to easily and only the most important amendments become passed, and these are the ones that are necessary. ...read more.

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