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Electoral Reform Analysis.

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Erin Johnston Project #2 Electoral Reform Analysis 2-27-03 Professor Brake M-W 5-6:15 Electoral Reform Analysis After all the turmoil that the 2000 presidential election created, there was some organization done by the Constitution Project to the election reform that was to promote bipartisan consensus on badly needed reforms. For weeks after the November 7, 2000 election, our nation was dealing with the drama of the Florida recount. All of the extraordinary events, the very intense media and the public scrutiny of the whole process caused many Americans to wonder and ask different questions concerning their votes. Some wondered if their vote was counted or if there was any way to improve the accuracy and integrity of elections. There were sweeping electoral reforms passed by the U.S. Congress and the State Government of Florida to make sure that what happened in the 2000 election would never happen again. In October of 2002, Congress passed H.R. 3295, which is called, "Help America Vote Act," which was intended to address the problems revealed in the 2000 presidential election. ...read more.


As one of the bill's lead sponsors, House Administration Committee chairman Bob Ney (R-OH), acknowledged, the process took some time in order to allow legislators the benefit of the "insights and experience of individuals who have experience with and care passionately about how elections are run in this country." There are four key areas that have been and will continue to be the focus of debate during implementation. These are as followed; the federal role in elections, improving technology, improving registration, and safegaurding the rights of voters. This election served as a wake-up call for election officials thoughout the entired nation, including Georgia. Just like Florida, different counties in Georgia have the different methods of counting their votes and different voting techonology. In May 2001, Jeb Bush signed into law a sweeping package of election reforms six months after the chaos brought on after the 2000 Presidential election. Bush stated, "My hope is that people will see that we have resolved the problem. Other states ought to look at this as a model because if there is another close election in another state, I guarantee you that they will not be able to withstand the incredibly scrutiny that occured in Florida" (CNN 5/01). ...read more.


I feel the electoral reforms that were passed by the US Congress and the State Government of Florida show they have put a huge effort in changing their voting systems and preventing future problems. I personally feel that they should have been done sooner before the 2000 election got out of hand. In conclusion, during 2001-2002, the U.S. Congress and the State Government of Florida passed sweeping electoral reforms that we designed to prevent and fix the problems that were created during the 2000 Presidential election and to prevent it from ever happening again. These are just some of the initiatives and major features that are contained in each law, along with the ways that this election gave a "wake-up" call to other states, including Georgia, that could have the same thing that happened to Florida happen to them. I think this election was a warning for every state to look at and fix any upcoming problems that we may have in the future elections and to prevent it from occurring in any other states. http://www.globalexchange.org/democracy/news2001/washpost050501.html www.CNN.com http://www.cse.org/informed/issues_template.php/594.htm ...read more.

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