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Ethnic minorities in the USA

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´╗┐Politics In The USA 2007 - Question C9 To what extent do ethnic minorities influence the outcome of elections in the USA? (15) 2008 - Question C9 Assess the effectiveness of Congress and the Supreme Court in checking the powers of the President. (15) 2009 - Question C9 To what extent do ethnic minorities achieve the American Dream? (15) 2010 - Question C9 ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ________________ The President, Congress and Supreme Court American politics and government is based on the Constitution. This describes the rights US citizens have and separates the power of the three branches of Government: the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. At national level the Executive is the federal government headed by the President and Vice President, who are elected for at most two four year terms. The USA President is often said to be the most powerful elected world leader. He (it has never been a she so far) is Commander in Chief of the armed forces, head of the federal government with the power to appoint the cabinet (who are not elected unlike most of the UK cabinet) judges and other important officials. He recommends laws to Congress. However the separation of the power and the checks and balances built into the system impose limits on presidential powers. The President and cabinet cannot be part of Congress and have to get Congress' approval to pass laws, approve the budget or declare war. ...read more.


rely on the cheap labour that immigrant workers provide - especially in tourism and agriculture. There are not enough jobs for Americans and more immigration means that there is more competition for what jobs there are available. Immigrants suffered war, poverty or religious/political persecution in their own countries and only want a better life for themselves and their families. America should 'close the immigration gates' to protect the levels of prosperity that most Americans citizens enjoy. Some immigrants do not have the skills needed to find jobs and rely on welfare at the expense of American taxpayers. Most economists consider the benefits of immigration to the USA outweigh the costs. Illegal immigration costs American taxpayers millions on border patrol - this money could be better spent elsewhere. ________________ Key Issue 1: To what extent do Congress and the Supreme Court limit the power of the President? In the USA?s federal system of government, power is divided between the central (Federal) Government and the fifty states. The power of the Federal govt. is balanced against the rights of the state govts. All powers not given to the Federal govt by the US Constitution are reserved to the states. The Constitution defines the powers and duties of the Executive (President), Legislature (Congress) and Judiciary (Supreme Court). This is referred to as the Separation of Powers. ...read more.


This was followed by further massive spending commitments by the US govt. Such levels of govt. spending can only be supported by higher taxes and govt. borrowing ?. Something which is very unpopular in the USA where generally citizens want ?smaller? less intrusive govt than people are prepared to accept in Europe. Congress held long and heated debates over supporting Obama?s economic plans but eventually both houses voted in support amidst many Republican claims the policy is a disaster. Another major issue has been Obama?s call for Congress to pass legislation reforming health care in the United States, a key campaign. He wants to expand health insurance to cover the uninsured, to restrict premium increases, and to allow people to retain their coverage when they leave or change jobs. His proposal was to spend $900 billion over 10 years and include a government insurance plan, also known as the public option, to compete with the private insurance sector as a main component to lowering costs and improving quality of health care. It would also make it illegal for insurers to drop sick people or deny them coverage for pre-existing conditions, and require every American carry health coverage. This lead to often bitter debate in Congress and the proposals were watered down to some extent but in March 2010 the health care was passed and signed into law by President Obama. ...read more.

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