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Examine how "the decline of trade unions and low levels of out of work welfare payments, and several other factors have all made it easier for firms to keep wages down'.

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Labour Market - Essay Questions (a) Examine how "the decline of trade unions and low levels of out of work welfare payments, and several other factors have all made it easier for firms to keep wages down'. A group of workers in a industry who fight for their rights. These are workers who are unionised as one and they make sure that their workers don't get exploited. The head of the trade union will speak up for the whole union and will try to meet up with their demands. The trade union is good for the workers as their can be many people involved they is a more greater chance of them being heard. The head of the union will try to increase the real pay and the earnings of their members. He will also try to protect the pay differences with other workers and will try to improve the working conditions. He will also try to prevent redundancies in jobs and will promote health and safety at work and will also protect this members from unfair dismissals. ...read more.


Also new policies and legislations make it much more difficult for the trade unions to put forward their demands. Also derecognising of the unions in some industry. Derecognition is when employers refuse to allow unions at the workplace or recognise them for purpose of negotiation pay or conditions. This also makes it easier for the firms to keep the wages down. Also another thing making it easier for firm to keep wages down is due to the low levels of out-of-work benefit. As the benefits for being unemployed are low to live up to a good standard the people who claim the out of work benefit would rather work and earn more. This will increase the supply of labour in to the labour market making it easier for a firm to keep the wages down. As people who are claiming the out of work benefit would be desperate to gain work they would work as long as they received a good fixed wage. This will also make it much easier for the firm to carry out due to the low number of trade unions. ...read more.


These electrical appliances cover things like the hover, washing machine, microwave etc. Before these types of such as cleaning and cooking food was very time consuming taking up all of the time of women allowing them no free time. But as new technology has come through has meant that women have more free time to take up a job. Also over the years the country has invested a lot of money into the Childcare facilities allowing jobs for the labour market. These jobs are best suited for women as they deal with children. Also there has been a increase in divorce rates in Great Britain meaning that women are independent and need to provide for the family. This will mean that the divorced women will look for a job to keep the family running. These factors, which are stated above, have increased in the number of women employed since 1979. The main reason why the number of men employed is dropping is due to some factors. The obvious one is that women have taken up most of the jobs. Also since de-industrialistaion more and more people mainly men have become employed and the jobs, which are vastly available, are in the service sector, which employ mostly women because they are more suited for the job. ...read more.

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