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Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the process of amending the US constitution

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´╗┐Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the process of amending the US constitution (15 marks) The US constitution was drawn up in 1787 and since then it has been amended 27 times, a remarkably small number when considering that it has been over 200 years since it was written and the fact the first 10 of these were proposed during the First Congress, show that it is not easy to amend the Constitution. An advantage of the US?s process of amending the Constitution is that it can not easily be amended. This is an advantage because it is imperative that a country?s constitution does not change from every whim of the public, or other bodies. ...read more.


There are also a number of articles of the constitution that are seen as outdated, particularly the 2nd Amendment ? the right to bear arms. Arguably, this amendment was added because there was a fear of British invasion, and the Framers wanted a militia to be able to fight off the British. Since this is very unlikely to happen now this shows that this amendment is outdated. The other justification for the 2nd Amendment is so that the people could protect their rights ? the framers believed that the people needed weapons to overthrow an oppressive government, but then again this only argues that the amendment is obsolete in this day and time, what use are rifles against a government wielding nuclear weapons? ...read more.


When the constitution was written the slave trade was in full swing, and the Framers did not attempt to tackle this whatsoever. However this was because the Southern states relied heavily upon the slaves, and the Framers knew that to get the constitution ratified they would need the support of the Southern states. The turnout of congressional elections have also been quite low in recent times, in 2010 the turnout combined of people who voted in congressional elections was 41.7%. Voter turnout is one of the most important factors when assessing the legitimacy of an elected institution, a low turnout means that many people did not vote for the representative or senator, and that means that it cannot be democratic. This is a big disadvantage as it will mean that the process of amending the constitution could be undemocratic. ...read more.

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