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Explain the creation of the state of Israel in May 1948!

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Explain the creation of the state of Israel in May 1948! The Jews claimed Palestine as their homeland; there is a story in the old testament of the Bible, which explains how they came to settle there. Palestine became the part of the Roman Empire around 10 to 12bc the Jews did not want to be ruled by the Romans so the Romans removed them from Palestine in the 1st century ad leaving the Palestinian Arabs. The Christian Europe attacked the Muslim empire of the Turks during the middle ages. During the crusades Christians claimed this empire as their holy land as well as the Arabs and the Jewish people. ...read more.


The Jews have always lived without a homeland and there aim was to return to their holy land. Before World War 1 the Turks had ruled the Arabs for centuries but they now wanted independence. A leader of the Arab nationalist cause had emerged, they had a political plan of what the Arabs wanted which was freedom from the Turks and a nation of their own. In 1897 Theodore Herzl organised the first Zionist congress, in Basel. The main aim of Zionism was to create a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine secured by public law. The Jews haven't had a state for over 2000 years. ...read more.


The letter said that the British would "view with favour" the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The British promised the Jews a Jewish state as well as the Arabs an Arab state but they promised them both part of one state. In mid 1916 there was a secret agreement between the British and the French called The Sykes-Picot agreement concerning the partition of the Turkish Empire. The Northern Arab territories were promised to Sheriff Hussain but were mandated to the British and French until they were ready for independence. In 1922 there was a peace treaty and the Arabs got the Saudi Arabia desert which was in the south and the British and French mandated the north, the Jews got nothing. ...read more.

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