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False and Class Consciousness Relationships (between fellow workers)

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False and Class Consciousness Relationships (between fellow workers) Workers are forced to sell their labour to capitalists for money in return Division of labour - jobs being divided between numerous people People de-value what they do as they don't see the final product Workers are artificially separated from other people as they have separate specific jobs Relationships (between capitalists & workers) ...read more.


While class consciousness is the possibility that the proletariat will develop an acute conception of how capitalism works and how it affects them (but they can't do anything about it) * It is startling that the Bourgeoisie experience false consciousness as it is they who are exploiting both the system and the proletariat to their advantage. Superstructure - all the institutions that support the infrastructure (economy) ...read more.


'reification' argument and idea that capitalism is independent; it clarifies the power of the capitalists Underestimated flexibility of capitalism Re-affirms idea that the labour of a worker is necessary for capitalism to survive Too radical Concern with human emancipation Ideologically biased - places too much importance on economy rather than other institutions; too political Provided an alternative to Functionalism Generated a number of concepts: free-market economy, fetishism, reification, ideology and alienation ?? ?? ?? ?? Andy Watkins U6W 13/09/2005 ...read more.

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