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Fareed Zakarias Restoring the American Dream examines where America stands to today in the world, and how the country slipped from its number one ranking in all things

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Fareed Zakaria's Restoring the American Fareed Zakaria's Restoring the American Dream examines where America stands to today in the world, and how the country slipped from its number one ranking in all things, and how it can be fixed and restored to the number one spot. America is considered indisputably number one by some key measures. America has the world's largest economy, military, scientific establishment, and the biggest technology companies. At the same time America is just as indisputably falling behind in many other key areas, America is falling behind other countries. In recent rankings. The United States is the fourth most competitive country in the world economically, and the fifth best country in which to run a business. Fareed also brings up the factor that America's enrollment rate for elementary school, ranks 79th in the world, and how only 12% of Americans graduates graduate college. ...read more.


Rosling discusses how the progress of the United States and the axis of wealth, income, population and health have changed 1860 to 2010, and how other countries like Europe, (Asia), China, Japan, Singapore, India, and Latin America have caught or are catching up and even surpassed the U.S.. The table have turned it just 30 years for a countries like China the U.S. was once all over China now within 30 years China moves so much faster. As China and other countries continue to develop and become healthier and wealthier. Fareed concludes from this that it's not that we're falling behind; it's that the whole rest of the world has begun to catch up. And what it suggests is that it's not so much the people are overtaking us, it's that everybody is moving into the same space, that there's a whole set of advanced countries, European and Asian that are all converging in one space. ...read more.


It terms of military power, the U.S. will be number one for a long time. As an economic power, the U.S. will be ahead, but others countries are currently catching up. And also in terms of soft power, the ability to get what you want through attraction and persuasion, the U.S. will be ahead. Zarkria goes on to discuss with the expert guest if the problem is China? Or is the problem the United States, Will the United States meet the same fate as the British Empire? We'll find out when we come back. Does the same fate lie ahead of the United States? Or are we, well, exceptional? If there is a historical pattern happening, the British Empire once ruled the world and over time declined? Is America in Britain's place, Will America's entrepreneurial spirit save the U.S.? And how the experts would fix the problem and get America back to number one. ...read more.

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